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Knocked up wife
Watching your wife take one of your buddys into your bed and letting him breed her is one of the most erotic acts a wife can do. My wife came out to the kitchen where my buddy and I sat having a beer at the kitchen table wearing only a see through teddy. She was just out of the shower, and her big nipples were dark on her big beautifull tits. Her shaved cunt clearly visable. She walked up to the table making sure her big jugs wobbled and rolled on her rib cage. She was a beautifull whore, and I'm the one that turned her from a fine house wife to the hotest slut in our small town. After I was able to get her to fuck my best buddy infront of me , she was a whore within two weeks, fucking and sucking us and even doing our lady friends. Soon she had a lover who would use her for hours on end, and when his own wife got home from work she would join in working my wife over. My wife would always have them leave big sucker bites on her tits and belly so she could tease me by showing them to me. She made me suck his big purple cock so she could watch . I knew she liked watching because her breathing would get heavy and her big nipples would pucker up. She would also let who ever she was with take pictures of her blowing or fucking them. As time went on I became a cuckold husband to the beautifull whore wife I created. It was my job to bring her lovers every week end, while her steady lover used her three or four times a week during the day. This brings us to the kitchen table. She ignored me and bent to kiss my buddy. His hands went up to her swollen tits and he mauled them as they kissed. I sat there watching as his hands moved all over her as she groaned into his mouth. She broke the kiss and stepped back taking his hand and leading him down the hall to our bedroom. I was left sitting at the table with my cock in my hand. I had listened to her get worked over so many times I could almost tell what he was doing to her. This time was taking a lot longer though and I was starting to wonder what he was doing to her. She had been groaning and I could hear the bed springs for fourty five minutes. Then she was calling me to come in to the bed room to watch. As I opened the door she looked at me as he was on top of her slow pumping his big meat into her engorged cunt. I never saw her take it like this. As her body rocked under him she groaned ,her eyes blank and her mouth open. Her tits were swelled so big the skin was shiney and her huge nipples were an inch long. There were deep purple bite marks oll over her swollen tits. I moved to the foot of the bed so I could see his cock going in her and nearly came looking at her now huge gaping cunt! What had he done to her! I swear he must have fisted her and bit and chewed her cunt meat for a long time. Her cunt was gaping open and swelled so big a mans hand would barely be able to cup all of it. Suddenly she groaned the most animal choking sound I ever heard her make. Her legs flew up around his waist as he began hammering her so hard her head was hitting the head board. He bent his head down and , taking a mouth full of her big sloshing tit meat, bit down so hard her eyes rolled up in her head. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Baby, do me! Do me! She was moaning. She opened her eyes and locked them on mine as she pounded her cunt into my buddy's big dong. "HE's BREEDING ME!, He's breeding me infront of you , you cunt", she groaned. "You made me like this, now watch him breed your wife ! Do it! DO IT! Finish me off infront of him so he can always remember seeing it"! She was cumming and so was he! I watched as his balls drew up and his big cock jerked time after time shooting his cum deep into her as she begged him to shoot it deep in her and he did . When it was over he got up off her and we both watched her battered body quiver and jerk as thick hot cum oozed out of her big cunt. Her belly was distended and her tits were swelled and brused. She was beautifull! I bent and kissed her long and hard, before pushing my dripping cock into her mouth and jacking off, shooting in her mouth. She choked and rolled her head on its side and let my cum ooze slowly out of her mouth. It was over. Later that day we were relaxing nude in the livingroom, sipping drinks. She was leaned back in the lazyboy and I was on the couch looking at her battered still swollen cunt and tits. As we talked about what had happened she told me that getting a man to breed her infront of me is what i deserve for what turned her into. "I know you'll never forget what you saw, and I don't want you to. I'm sure he knocked me up, but I'll give you one shot at stopping it. Do you want to take your shot or let it go on?" I was so mixed up ! "How can I try to stop it I asked her. "Come over her she said." She pushed the chair all the way back and was almost laying flat. She said "Well?, Whats it gonna be cunt?" I want to try my one chance ,I said. Tell me what to do! She said "You get one shot, thats all! Now, see this spot on my belly?, she said, puting her fingers about two inches below her belly button. This is where my organs are full of his cum. You get one punch to try to make me expell it!" This kind of talk was making me hard. I want to do it I said, starting to breathe hard. "Ok, First drive your fist into my belly like your trying to drive it clear through me, then go quickly between my legs and suck my cunt as hard as you can as long as you can, and you have to keep sucking till you taste blood, " she said. I straddled the chair above her hips and looked her belly over. She started breathing hard her big brused tits heaving. "DO IT MY CUNT HUSBAND! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFf she screamed". I had driven my fist wrist deep into her bloated belly finding her female organs and driving into them with the full force of my punch . Her belly tried to wrap around my fist burried deep in her organs. She began to convulse. her belly pumping and jerking as I dove my mouth onto her big swollen cunt and began sucking. Sucking all of her cunt I could into my mouth, and sucking her meat as hard as I could. I was getting her cum mixed with his thick goop. I was trying to suck her to a period and heard her moaning and telling me it hurt up in her belly but to suck harder . I sucked as long and hard as I could, but couldn't start her period. I finally got up off her and begun jacking off while she groaned and writhed. She looked so hot! "Cum in my mouth!"she moaned. She opened her mouth as I pumped my cum into her throat. That was the end of the day I watched another man breed my wife. Yes she was bread, and went full term and the baby's dad took over at birth and has raised a beautifull child. We are the aunt and uncle. For my wife and I, her making me watch her be bread was our greatest bond


cuckold wife

Poster: Jim