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The Adventures of Showing Off My Wife, Part Three (of 7)
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The Adventures of Showing Off My Wife, Part Three (of 7)
FORWARD - For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved showing off my wife. When we were younger she was must less reluctant than she is now, as weird as that may sound. Today, she’s 40 years old and as vibrant sexually as she’s ever been.

On a trip about seven years ago was when she first let me take a few photos of her in various forms of undress. It was a huge turn-on for me. It continued to expand some over the next few years.

Reading parts one and two are not necessary, but it helps with the build-up of the story.

Part Three

Keeping our hands off each other had become somewhat of a struggle. But trust me, I wasn’t complaining. For once in our relationship I was actually trying to keep up with my wife.

Every year in July our family takes a weeklong trip to our cabin. And it’s just not us and our kids, but my brother’s family and my parents. In all, there’s 10 of us every year and it’s just a way to escape life’s challenges.

Our family cabin is very nice and spacious, but with 10 people it can be a little tight. It’s also not easy getting alone time. Sure, we try and steal a few minutes here and there, but any kind of prolonged play session is almost impossible.

At least once during the week we try and breakaway from the group. My brother and his wife gladly watch our kids for a few hours as long as we return the favor for them. Works out nice.

The two of us like to check out breweries and there was a new one just a few towns over, so that’s how we spent the afternoon. Abby was wearing a somewhat modest little golf skirt. It showed off her smooth, tanned and toned legs just perfect, and was complemented by a form-fitting tank that accentuated her natural curves.

I’m not sure we were a mile from the cabin before I was already feeling her up and rubbing my hands over her body. It had been four long days since we had any extended alone time. While Abby wasn’t turning down my advances, she wasn’t encouraging me, either.

“Let’s just go and grab a drink and maybe play later?” she asked and suggested.

“Ok,” I mumbled reluctantly.

The brewery was a nice change of pace and located along a river. There were even some trails to follow so the two of us took a little walk.

“What would you think of a picture?” I suggested.

“What did you have in mind?” she answered with a wink.

Truthfully, I wasn’t thinking anything like that, but it kind of turned me on that she was. The first few pictures were tastefully done and then I remarked that something with a little more skin might be fun.

Abby raised her brow at me, but then kind of looked around to see if anyone else was in the vacinity. When she was sure there weren’t, she lifted her tank and bra while I snapped a few pics of her beautiful tits. Within seconds it was over.

On our way back to the brewery I was walking behind her and noticed how her ass just swayed in that little skirt.

“Your ass looks delicious,” I told my wife.

“You think?” she asked, bending over slightly to allow her skirt to rise above her ass.

“I take that back,” I said. “It looks better than delicious.”

Then she surprised even me. She looked around to see if anyone was in the area. When certain no one was, she slipped off her panties and put them in her purse. Then she bent over and gave me a money’s view of her smooth and wet pussy, her fingers rubbing her clit.

Thinking that was going to be it, she turned around and lifted her bra and tank again giving me a look at her tits while her fingers toyed her pussy. I couldn’t take my pictures fast enough. We heard someone coming down the trail and shifted back to reality.

Back at the brewery we had one more drink and decided it was probably time to head back to the cabin. We had said we’d be just a few hours and our time was about up.

As we were climbing into our vehicles a guy ran out of the brewery and hollered for us to stop. I had left my credit card in the folder after paying.

“Here you go,” he said. “Your server wanted me to catch you before you left.”

Both my wife and I thanked him endlessly and told him we owed him one, but we weren’t ready for his response.

“Actually, you guys already paid me back,” he confessed. “I got a pretty good look at your wife coming down the trail.”

Both of us could have crawled in a hole we were so embarrassed.

“Oh my god,” my wife said, covering her face.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. “I liked what I saw, just wish I had a better look,” he said with such raw confidence.

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by this. This guy was no more than 25 years old and really got off on oogling my wife.

“Well honey, he did bring us our credit card and saved us a trip back to down….wanna give him a better look?” I asked.

If looks could kill, I would have been dead. I knew I had embarrassed my wife.

“We’re never going to see him again,” I said, as our young, male friend stood there in silence.

And just like that she lifted her top and bra and showed off her hard, erect nipples. It wasn’t a five-second flash, much quicker actually, but wow what a turn on!

He thanked us again and we thanked him. I knew at that point we were going to need to take a detour back to the cabin. I had to fuck my wife.


Please let us know what you think and if you’d like to hear more. We have four more ‘stories’ in this series. We’d love to share them if you’re interested. And who knows? There might even be a picture of my wife included if you’re lucky.


cuckold wife

Poster: BrandonAshley