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Wedding Weekend
We were invited to my best friends sons wedding being held in a popular Florida beach town. Though we were not part of the wedding party we were invited to the rehearsal and the dinner. Nothing exciting about it other than a great meal. Around ten the dinner wound down and the young people decided they were going out to party and celebrate and us older folks ended up in the waterfront bar/lounge.

There was maybe ten couples and a couple of unattached single ladies and about seven unattached guys. Around midnight the crowd started breaking up and it ended up with one other couple and us and five of the unattached guys. Well it was not long before the other couple called it a night also and with the dwindling crowd the bar decided they would have last call and shut it down and we all ended up down by the dock where the wife and a couple of the guys could smoke.

Not sure how it even come up but one of the guys said he had some real good smoke and asked did we want to go smoke some. One of the guys said it was not his thing but the other four was all for it. She said she had not done that in a while and she was game. The entire hotel was non smoking so we discussed where we could go. One of the guys mentioned that at the other end of this long dock was a tiki bar with some stools on the backside and we could go out there if we did not make a lot of noise.

So me and her and the four guys walked out there and went around where we could not be seen from the hotel and they lit one up and passed it back and forth
between them. They liked it so well they fired up a second one and passed it back and forth until they finished it up. She immediately wanted a cigarette and went in her purse to get one to fins out she was out. One of the guys offered her one of his but something she could not stand. She told me she had some in the room and asked would I please go get her a pack of them. I told her we could both walk up there and then come back but she said they were going to smoke another

She moved in close to kiss me and say please and whispered that I knew pot made her horny so if I let her smoke another it would make for a good night for me.I laughed a little and said yea that's why I am thinking it is not a good idea to leave you out here smoking that with four guys. She gave me the I will be a good girl I promise. So I relented and told them I would be back shortly and walked away as they lit up another. It took me about ten minutes and I got back and walked around the other side of the tiki bar fro0m what I left from and when I walked up the four of them were in a circle with her in the middle.

I surprised them by coming around that side because one of the guys quickly pulled his hand out from under her blouse and I saw another hand quickly come out from the back of her skirt. One of the guys said dang man we thought you were security and they all laughed. She took her cigarettes and I lit it for her and she told them me and her was going to walk around to the other side for her to smoke. We got around there and she said oops sorry we kind of got carried away. She turned her back to me and lifted her shirt and told me to fasten her bra back. She then giggled a little and said one of them has my panties but I am not sure who. These were not strangers as we knew them just not good friends.

We finished up and walked back around to where they were and she was very talkative saying that was some good stuff and she wished she had another one. The guy that had it said he could run to his room and get another. She did not hesitate and said cool I would love to have another. He was not gone long and got back with it and they lit it up and smoked it pretty quickly. She was very talkative now and she spoke up and said okay which one of you has my panties. They all got that look of oh hell but she just laughed and said that is one of my favorite pair. One of them held them up and said I don't know how these got in my pocket.

She laughed again and said you took them off and put them there. I guess they gathered that I was not pissed off at this point and started kidding with her about wanting to watch her put them back on. She laughed and said I will just put them in my purse and took them from him. One of the guys leaned over and whispered something in her ear. She laughed and said he doesn't mind and then leaned over to me and said do you honey. I just said nah I don't mind. So the guy that whispered to her reached over and pulled the back of her skirt up and said very nice. She kind of brushed the skirt out of his hand and said it is too dark out here for you to be able to see anything.

I then reached under her blouse and unhooked the bra again and then pulled it out through the arms of the blouse and handed it to her to put in her purse with the panties. I then stepped to the side and let one of the other guys stand where I was and they both reached under the blouse and started playing with her tits and a third guy stood in front of her and put his hand under her skirt. She had her head just leaned back enjoying what they were doing. At this point the two guys with the hands under her blouse lifted it and they both bent over and took a tit in their mouth. Right about the time they got started someone walked up behind us and said something. It was the security guard and she quickly pulled her blouse down.

Just as calmly as he could he said guys you all cant be out here and you all need to take her to one of your rooms. He kind of grinned and said I don't care what you do in there. So we all started walking back down the long dock and one of the guys said he had a suite and lets go to his room. Just assuming that we were game I guess. But she again settled that when she said lets go. I spoke up and asked his room number and said we were going to run by our room first. He gave me the number and one of the other guys said y'all are probably not coming are you. She did not give me time to answer when she said yes we are coming.

We walked to our room and once inside she asked why I didn't want to just go to the room with them. I told we would but I wanted to talk to her a minute. She got this ut oh look like I am about to get it.I told her I just wanted to make sure this is what she wanted to do and wanted her to know that if we went to that room that she would get fucked and probably by all four of them. She asked was that okay and I just let her know if that's what she wanted then it was good by me. She said yes that's what she wanted and she was anxious to go.

We walked to the room and they had the room propped open with the lock so we knocked and walked in. There was only three of them in there and it was the same three that had been playing with her. I had noticed the fourth guy was stand offish and never touched her and they said he went to go to bed. Now that we were all in the room they wasted no time in taking the blouse and skirt off leaving her naked. They got her laid back on the bed and they were immediately all over her one of them was playing with her and the other two were mauling her tits. I was watching them all over her tits and never noticed the guy take his pants off and started feeding her. She was sucking with all she had.

They were all going at it pretty good when there was a knock at the door and the guy whose room we were in asked me to check and she who it was. I looked out the keyhole and saw that it was the older security guard. So I turned and whispered hey guys it is that security guard. The same guy said oh yea I told him to stop by you can let him in. So I opened the door and the old guy said one of your guys told me to stop by. So I stepped to the side and let him walk in the room. He walked to the foot of the bed where he could see what was going on. He was seeing my wife sucking a guy off while the other two sucked on her nipples and fingered her. He watched like me over the next thirty minutes as she sucked each of them and then they started fucking her. This went on for a good hour and they were treating her like a great fuck that they had happened upon.

Things started winding down and Eddie the room owner and seemed to be leader of the pack laid down beside her and was whispering something in her ear and she laughed and said why not. She slid to the foot of the bed and sat up in front of the security guard and started undoing his pants. She dropped his pants and then his undershorts down and then bent forward and took him in her mouth. I would say he was early to mid sixties but I noticed he got hard as she sucked him. She stopped and slid back up and the bed and the guy got on the bed with his pants still around his ankles and she guided him in. She said later he fucked her a whole lot better than the other three guys combined.

We finally headed to our room around four in the morning and she had sucked and been fucked every way possible. The good part is we have become good friends with the one guy that did not join in and he fucks her on a pretty regular basis.


cuckold wife

Poster: Greg