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My wife was just supposed to 'flash' him!
Kathy and I were married two years after we met, our union occurring after having been divorced from our previous spouses for over a dozen years each. In offering some insight into our background; the night we met we had sex. She was amazingly talented in bed and, out of curiosity, I teasingly asking her how many other guys she’d screwed on the first date; she giggled, ‘I’d never think of doing that’! However, over the next several months Kathy slowly revealed that she had been with dozens of men, most of them short term relationships or, as she put it, ‘I’d occasionally let a man have me on our first date; honestly, I’ve let quite a few guys fuck me just for the ‘sport’ of it!’ Because of her confessions of sexual promiscuity, I developed a powerful fantasy to watch another guy screw her.
A few months later, during of a casual get-together with one of my business contacts, we had too much to drink, teased her mercilessly and ended the evening engaged in a threesome, taking multiple turns having sex with Kathy! It was extremely ‘hot’ and I began to seek out other opportunities for us to try it again! A number of ‘adventurous encounters’ ensued and, after several months of ‘sharing’ my steady girl, I realized I’d watched nearly two dozen guys fuck her!
After another year or so, Kathy and I evolved and became much closer to each other, eventually finding ourselves falling in love. We decided to marry and, even though we were determined to begin a ‘monogamous’ life together, about a week after returning from our honeymoon an unforeseen situation arose and a friend of mine had sexual intercourse with my new bride. The next day we discussed how the adulterous act had contradicted our marital vows, but what had occurred also instilled a renewed sense of sexual excitement into our relationship. From that evening forward, we began to actively re-engage in ‘providing her services’ to other men. About a year passed and, after seeing another half dozen or so guys ‘push their penises’ into my wife, we once again attempted to stop the ‘straying’ and become truly faithful to one other; it was plainly evident we had been on a ‘sexual rollercoaster’ for quite some time.
Fast forward almost to present day. Just prior to our travelling to a trade show together, my wife told me she was developing a renewed desire to have sex with another man. She asked me since we would be out of town, if I would be upset if she experienced one more ‘tryst’ just for old time’s sake. The anticipation of what might occur really aroused me; I caved in and eagerly agreed!
The first evening of the show, we attended a cocktail party hosted by the exhibitors. Very little food was provided but an abundance of alcohol had been served. We eventually decided to return to our hotel room to change clothes for dinner and were waiting for an elevator ride when Kathy leaned over and whispered in my ear, ‘Did you notice all the handsome young studs at the party checking me out? Darling, what would you think if I came on to one of them after dinner and let him seduce me? I bet you’d like to share my tits and pussy with another guy again, wouldn’t you?’
My wife was a real tease and always took pleasure in ‘showing off’ her incredible 45 year old body! She was very much aware of how aroused I became when she looked and talked like a slut, drawing the attention of other men. That evening, Kathy was dressed in a short cocktail skirt which, when sitting down, seemed to expose a tad more leg than was considered ‘proper’. She wore high heels or, as she called them, her ‘come fuck me’ shoes and usually went braless, wearing blouses that revealed a ‘hint’ of her nipples through the sheer fabric. She knew her ‘taunting’ was arousing me and causing me to fantasize about the possibilities of watching yet another guy screw her! She had given me an almost insatiable desire to get on the elevator, lift her skirt, wiggle my hand into her panties and finger fuck her on the way up to our room! Those renewed vows of commitment to a monogamous marriage had quickly evaporated; we were wavering and wanted to feel that ‘spark’ again!
Standing in front of the elevator, it opened and, as we walked through a rather young guy carrying a pizza box stepped in behind us. It was about an hour before dinner and I joked, ‘You must be bringing that pizza for us!’ He responded ‘Room 510?’ I said ‘No, we’re on the next floor up.’ I noticed him cast a glance down at Kathy’s long legs, then upward as he coyly peeked at her luminous lips, mid-length gray streaked hair, and seductive brown eyes. Kathy smiled, ‘We’re in 612 if you change your mind!’ The kid’s eyes were focused on Kathy’s revealing blouse as he responded, ‘Thanks, sometimes, customers don’t answer their door so I’ll remember that. I’m off work but we’ve been super busy tonight so I agreed to drop this order on my way home.’

Once in our room, Kathy slipped out of her skirt and blouse, ready to dress for dinner. I couldn’t help but stare at her; she looked stunning, wearing only her lacy panties and high heels. I was mesmerized; she waltzed over to me, giving me a passionate kiss while I cupped one of her breasts. When my hand slipped into her panties I commented, ‘Baby, you’re wet. You still wanting to feel something new in there tonight’? True to Kathy’s style, she said ‘Maybe, sweetheart! At the cocktail party, I was reliving memories of our first time; you know, when you and Blaine took me to his hotel room and fucked me over and over! After that night of debauchery I remember telling you how I’d love to promote your business and fuck your prospective clients to entice them to use your services! We laughed out loud!
We heard a knock at the door. Kathy looked at me saying, ‘Wonder who that could be? Still feeling overly aroused, I winked at her and responded ‘Baby, you answer the door; if it’s a guy, I dare you to drop a towel and show him your tits! I’ll duck into the bathroom and watch from behind the door!’ I threw Kathy a towel; she smiled and quickly wrapped it around herself. Walking to the door, she looked through the peephole and grinned back at me mouthing ‘The pizza kid’. She opened it slowly, peeking around as if she didn’t know who was there. Play-acting embarrassed she said, ‘Oh, hi, it’s you, sweetie. I forgot about asking you to drop by. Sorry, I’m in the midst of changing; come in and I’ll grab some money’.
The bathroom lights were switched off and my wife’s and the kid’s reflection in the mirror afforded me an unobstructed view of them as I hid behind the door. I remained quiet, curious to see what would unfold. Kathy’s sensual behavior was extremely taunting; she sexily strutted like a runway model, ‘gliding’ toward the nightstand. I felt an erection developing as I watched her slowly bend over to pick up her purse, exposing her shapely legs just long enough for the kid to catch a glimpse of her curvaceous bottom peeking out from below her lacy panties. Don’t know if it was planned, but as she lifted her purse the towel slipped, unwrapping itself and exposing her breasts. She attempted to catch it, stumbling in her high heels as she stood up, trying to cover her chest and keep hold of her purse at the same time. She fumbled to maintain her composure, uttering ‘Darn! Another wardrobe failure! How much do I owe you, anyway, honey?’ After having been treated to a glimpse of her perky bare breasts! Billy stood motionless, frozen amidst a moment of dead silence. I could only imagine his thoughts. Obviously pretending not to have seen anything, he nervously replied, ‘Whatever you think is fair’. Kathy handed him a twenty, saying ‘Thank you…by the way, what’s your name?’ I could barely make out their conversation, ‘Billy, my name’s Billy’ and my wife’s response, ‘Well, Billy, must say you’re a nice kid; hope losing my towel wasn’t too embarrassing for you. And by the way, my name’s Kathy’! They both laughed, easing the tension in the room. Coming back with, ‘So much for modesty; you’ve already seen pretty much all that I have to offer,’ my wife tossed the towel on to the bed, giving Billy that full ‘flash’ that I had requested and waiting for his response. With his reflection in the mirror, I noticed Billy’s face becoming flushed, and his voice punctuated by more rapid breathing. While he nervously tried to chuckle, Kathy’s glance moved downward, I think toward his crotch. Placing her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and wiggling closer to him she smiled, ‘By the way, what have you got going on down there, Billy? Is that a bump in your jeans?’ One more laugh filled the air.
Kathy stepped closer and grasped his shoulders. She steered him sideways as he shuffled along in front of her. My wife must have designed this move to further tease me, thereby affording an unobstructed view of the two of them interacting with each other. Kathy inched closer him, reaching down and between his legs. Her shoulder began moving, appearing as though she was massaging his growing erection through his pants. ‘Can I take a look? It feels like it’s getting bigger!’ She unzipped him. A slight ‘chill’ shot up through my groin as silent thoughts filled my head, ‘What the hell’s going on here? We were talking about my wife simply ‘flashing’ a guy to give him a thrill!’ From my new vantage point, directed toward the side of my wife and Billy, I could see her hand slip into his pants, her wrist twisting around until she freed his enlarged but still swelling member, I felt my erection becoming harder and I shuddered, watching my wife hold Billy’s cock in her hand, ‘massaging’ it gently! The young kid’s cock was massive, and continued to expand as she played with it! I don’t recall seeing others that were comparable in size; it appeared nine or ten inches in length with a circumference matching that of Kathy’s wrist! In a very shaky voice, Billy interjected, ‘Ma’am! I don’t think you should do that! What if your husband…?’ In a very low, sexy voice, my wife interrupted ‘My name is ‘Kathy’, not ma’am, and my husband might be downstairs with a client. You said you don’t have to return to work this evening and your penis is a stunner; I want to stroke it until I make you cum! I want to feel it squirt right on to my tummy!’ As her hand slid up and down his shaft, Kathy blurted out, ‘You’re really turning me on, Billy. Put your hand on my breast and feel my nipples; they are beginning to stand up and get hard.’ Billy reacted without hesitation, gripping my wife’s bared breasts with both hands, he massaged her nipples between his thumb and forefinger!
What I was witnessing between my wife and this kid made me tremble. He was certainly young enough to be her son, yet I couldn’t refrain myself from wanting to see more! I reached down to massage my own cock through my slacks then opened my zipper to relieve the pressure as it swelled.
I kept watching; Billy was slim and athletic looking. I knew that his good looks plus the size of his cock really turned Kathy on! In past times, she had told me over and over how flattering it had always been to be ‘wanted’ by younger guys. Kathy sat down on the edge of the bed while continuing to stroke his pulsating cock, slowly sliding her hand up and down Billy’s shaft from his balls to its mushroom shaped head. My pelvis was shivering and my breathing becoming more rapid, making it hard for me to remain quiet. I began to wonder if it might likely happen; I knew my wife was very aroused and quite willing to have sexual intercourse with this young kid!
My emotions swelled; one part of me was telling me to walk out of the bathroom and stop them but another part of me wanted to see them move forward. Inside, I was cheering them on, hoping that Kathy and Billy would continue until they came together and consummated their sexual charade by fucking while I masturbated to watching them!

Kathy raised her head and looked ‘into his eyes. She let go of his cock so she could adjust her position on the bed. During those seconds, Billy’s cock bounced up and down, hard and erect, the movement created by his pelvic muscles rhythmically squeezing down. My wife’s legs parted slightly as she slid further back on the bed, Billy was panting; he hunched forward, his hips rotating in a ‘humping’ motion. Kathy regained her grip on his penis, knowing she might soon bring Billy to an orgasm!

Realizing that, my wife whispered, ‘Billy, do you want to put it inside me now?’ A feeling akin to an electric shock reeled through my body and I came close to ejaculating into my hand. My thoughts reeled forward, ‘Yes! Yes! Spread your legs sweetheart and let him sink his cock deep inside your cunt and fuck you until his eyes roll back! I want to hear him growl and you moan when he shoots semen up against your uterus!’ Wow! I hoped my mind and mouth had remained unattached and I hadn’t said any of that out loud!’

Billy’s breathing had become even more labored and much louder, ‘Yes, Kathy, please! Please let me put it inside for just a minute! I can’t hold back anymore!’ Billy was begging and pleading with my wife to let him fuck her. Billy continued to thrust his pelvis forward and backward wildly, in concert with Kathy’s talented hand as she continued to stroke his cock. His movements became much more pronounced and his panting turned to moaning, ‘Can I do it now? Please let me put it inside you before I cum; I promise to pull out before I do!’ Kathy didn’t say a word but let go of his penis, again looking into his eyes. She turned her head toward the bathroom, knowing I could see her face; silently telling me that she wanted this boy’s cock inside her now. She stood up and slipped off her panties as Billy exclaimed ‘Oh yes, Kathy, oh fuck yes!’
I watched my wife move like a porn star preparing to be fucked by some giant-cocked stud; my own cock had become so hard it was painful! I felt contractions in my pelvis as I continued to massage and stroke my aching tool. Without uttering a word, Kathy raised one leg up onto the bed, exposing her swollen vaginal lips amidst her glistening pussy hairs! Kathy took Billy’s hand and guided it between her legs, rotating her hips as she widened her stance. Kathy pressed her mouth against his, kissing him while his fingers methodically entered her pussy. I was unable to hear their conversation clearly but it sounded something like ‘Billy, you can go all the way with me if you want to!’ I knew my wife had become so aroused that nothing could reign her in.
My emotions tumbled, hitting a wall; I was feeling overly opposed to my wife having sexual intercourse with what appeared to be a teenage boy, and anxiously hoped to see a spurt of semen erupt from his cock and all over my wife as the grand finale to this show! With that conclusion, Billy would leave and I would be able to pounce on my wife and satisfy both our needs! However, much to my dismay, Kathy stepped down and took a firm hold on Billy’s cock again. She sat down on the bed, adjusting herself so Billy’s’ back was toward me. Grasping Billy’s ass, my wife pulled him closer as she opened her legs, slowly rolling onto her back and lifting her knees. He laid forward, down and against her, then lifted his body above hers. I watched my wife guide his penis up against her vaginal lips and knew the ‘moment’ had arrived! Billy’s cock was bumping up and down, yet dangling like a rolling pin above my Kathy’s pubic mound. She gripped it tightly to restrain its movement; I could see my wife’s breasts and her face in the space between Billy’s body and her abdomen. I watched as Kathy took his shaft and rubbed the head against her very wet labia then, pressing the massive head in between those puffy vaginal lips with one hand, she grasped one half of his buttocks with the other. I had the perfect position from which to observe my wife spread her legs even wider while Billy pushed his swollen penis forward until it started to disappear into Kathy’s pubic hair. With both hands pulling his pelvis tightly against hers, my wife assisted him as he thrust forward again, his cock continuing its journey into the depths of her vagina. I heard Kathy take a deep breath as it disappeared all the way up to his balls. Billy began slowly rocking upward and forward, moving his cock in and out as it slid tightly against my wife’s clitoris; I could hear the ‘squishing’ sounds as her juices were forced out around it, dripping downward between her buttocks cheeks. I listened to Kathy’s muffled groans, and watched her bottom rotate, squirming to achieve the perfect position as Billy forced his cock, again and again, deep inside my wife’s welcoming cunt and up against her cervix; they were meeting stroke for stroke as their pelvises moved to the rhythm to their passionate sexual intercourse duet.

Suddenly, Billy’s movements increased in speed; he began rhythmically arching and hunching his back, pounding his pelvis up against my wife’s. I felt the sensation of my own orgasm arriving and stepped out from behind the bathroom door to get a better view of Billy as he fucked my wife with all his might! I squeezed down on my cock, still tingling as I stroked it harder; I wanted to take a turn and fuck Kathy so badly I could barely restrain myself, but I was able to maintain enough self-control to get back into the darkened bathroom before Billy noticed my presence. My wife continued to rotate her hips in a bumping and grinding motion, Billy started to make a grunting sound. With his massive cock buried all the way inside Kathy, his panting evolved into moaning. He yelped, ‘I’m starting to cum’. She pulled him closer, wrapping her arms around his back and burying her face tightly between his neck and shoulder. My wife continued to squirm in jerking motions almost convulsing, pushing herself even tighter against him, then I heard her say, ‘Let it go, sweetheart, cum inside me’. Kathy raised her knees, and grasping Billy’s buttocks like a life buoy to hold him tightly inside her, began to whimper and buck wildly! Billy’s arms encircled Kathy’s upper back, then hunching over, he offered one more powerful thrust before his movements abruptly stopped. I felt numb, watching as his whole midsection trembled violently; he had begun to ejaculate deep inside my vulnerable wife. As he continued to pant, the muscles on his buttocks cheeks again began contracting in rhythm to my wife’s pelvic movements, rotating and pushing together while he involuntarily squeezed down, pumping out streams of his semen up against my wife’s cervix. I watched Kathy’s response, intensely embracing his pelvis against hers, wrapping her legs around his body to restrain him from pulling out while she swooned ‘Give it all to me, sweetie’! With that, Billy groaned again, grinding himself against my wife. Holding him even more tightly, Kathy raised her legs up higher. I watched her shake; her breathing coming in short bursts. I could see her renewed pelvic movements and stared at the sphincter muscle of her anus contract, ‘winking’ in concert with Billy’s desperate thrusts as he appeared to be reaching a second orgasm! I watched him buck several more times in continuous ejaculation as he flooded my wife’s vagina with even more semen. I began to feel sick, listening to my wife was whimpering and moaning ‘I love you, Billy; give it all to me!’ As Kathy maintained a very tight grip on his body so as to not let him withdraw as long as that pulsating stream of cum was flowing from his penis, Billy’s body fell limp; I knew he had finished draining all that he had inside my Kathy.
My own feelings of arousal and emotion overwhelmed me. I wanted to jump in, push him aside and forcefully insert my own cock into my wife to find relief by releasing my own pent up fluids inside her, but felt paralyzed. I reached for a washcloth and, no longer able to contain myself, spurt my own semen into it while continuing to masturbate to the sexual scene being acted out in front of me!
I had never before watched a man fuck my wife without being able to relieve myself inside her either before or after he had! Billy was the first, and I stared at his reflection in the mirror; his body remaining at rest between Kathy’s outspread legs. It seemed as though they remained entangled for hours, kissing passionately while waiting for his erection to recede and for his cock to slip out of her vagina.
Finally, Billy slowly raised himself up. Kissing my wife one more time he said, I better get out of here before your husband shows up!’ As he quickly dressed, he said, ‘That was the most incredible feeling I ever had in my life! The teeny-bopper girls in my school can’t even come close! Besides, they always tell me I’m too big for them or make me wear a condom when they give in and finally let me do it. They are so afraid of getting pregnant!
Billy turned toward the door, begging ‘Isn’t there some way I could see you again!’ My wife smiled responding ‘Billy, how old are you?’ He timidly answered ‘Nineteen; my birthday was last Monday.’ Kathy grinned, expressing kindly, ‘Well happy birthday young man! My husband and I plan on being here at the hotel for one more day and he will be in meetings on and off. If you were to happen to stop by while he is attending one, I’d be happy to let you to fuck me again! I have never been screwed by a teenage boy, and it felt rather amazing to have such a big penis so deep inside that it hurt! I really loved the feeling when you filled my insides with your ‘baby batter’! Just hope I don’t get pregnant!’ Billy’s jaw dropped! Kathy followed with a laugh!
Billy exited our room and, when the door closed behind him, I stumbled out of the bathroom still breathing hard. My wife stood up and, spreading her legs, focused her gaze on my limp cock while she wiped the evidence of Billy’s dripping semen from her swollen pussy. Her only comment, ‘I thought you would still be hard after watching that cute boy fuck me. She stepped forward, embracing and kissing me, whispering, ‘I’m still really horny, my love. I want to get fucked again tonight; would it be okay for me to pick up a guy in the bar after dinner? Maybe we could have a threesome’!


cuckold wife

Poster: John Dennis