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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Now she only fucks Black men
Hello again.

My former significant other was a school teacher in an outer borough of Mew York.

She was a true beauty and younger than me with a perfect body.

Once she mentioned that the janitor at school hit on her a lot. For years he kept it up and I thought nothing of it. It stopped being a subject. One day that subject came up again.

She told me that she fucked him in her class room after school was out.

I didn't expect to hear anything like that.

She told me they stood making out and feeling each other up before he stripped her and dropped his pants. She said she put one foot on his shoulder. "He didn't think I was that flexible", she said, "I didn't think he would be as big as he is".

She got obsessed with Black men. She didn't tell me for a while, but she had fucked a few.

She said one guy walked up to her when she parked her car in the school yard.

She said he whispered in her ear, "I want to be with you."

"So I let him."

He took her to his nearby apartment and fucked her "for hours".

Nothing to it. He told her he wanted to fuck her and she didn't hesitate. She wanted to fuck him just because he was Black - hoping he had another massive cock.

All the guy had to do is tell her and she got what he wanted.

I had a Black room mate. We were friends, of course.

One day she came to the apartment. I asked her what's up. She said, "I want a big cock - a big Black cock".

I was very surprised by it. The only big black cock around was my room mate.

She said she wanted to fuck him.

I was REALLY surprised to hear her say that in a way that sounded like I am going to fuck your room mate. She was obviously in heat for him.

I asked if she wanted me to tell him. She said yes, so I did.

I asked him to fuck her.

He said he would be very happy to.

I called her into his room. I told her he would fuck her.

She told me to strip her in front of him to show him what he was going to get. She wanted me to pass her to him.

I unbuttoned her blouse and bra. She didn't have to wear a bra. Her tits were perfect. I unzipped her pants and let them fall. Panties next.

She was staring directly at him while being undressed.

She stood stark naked in front of him showing herself. He was sitting. Her crotch was directly in front of his face.

It was obvious he was turned on. He had a very big bulge in his pants. She went right for it.

They wanted to be alone.

I went into my room.

I could hear her getting her brains fucked out in his room. She made a LOT more noise than she ever did with me.

Later she came into my room.

I asked her how it went.

She didn't answer, but she was dripping on the floor. Her cunt was stretched open. She was draining cum. a glob of it actually splattered on the floor and she was still gooey.

Her body was hot.

My room mate came in and said thanks adding that she was the best fuck he ever had.

He was naked, too. His droopy cock was limp but even when it was it was HUGE.

They bragged about it to each other in front of me.

It was late and i eventually went to bed (with her).

She was soaking wet and very wide. He stretched her wide open with his massive cock. I knew things would never be the same between us. it wasn't. She wanted Black men EXCLUSIVELY.

A few hours later I heard her screaming again. She was in his room.

When she came back to bed I asked her what's up. She said "I wanted him again. He is HUGE!".

She leaked all over the bed again. I had to sleep in their wet spot.

So they made no effort to be discreet and had bareback sex while I watched- or didn't. They left the door open when they had sex. She called me into the room to see them fuck.

His cock was over a foot long. He slammed her with it up to his balls and she shrieked when he bottomed out in her. He fucked her hard and she wanted more of it.

He told me whenever she was coming over to fuck him. He kinds took over like he was her primary stud. He wasn't shy about telling me about what she did, how she reacted, being inside her and how many times she came. He said he especially having her lick his (big) balls.

She liked to fuck him without a condom. He was un circumcised and she told me it felt a lot better than circumcised ones.

Long, fat, uncut, Black.

He wins.

So she had his kid.

I was out.

She was attracted to him by what she called "the myth". The myth that Black men have really big cocks.

It isn't a myth.

Everyone knows it. Women like huge cocks no matter what color they are.

Watch your wife carefully. She is probably scanning Black guys' crotches for a substantial bulge and when she sees one it may be all over for you.

She wanted the biggest cocks she could find and they were black.

I guess the "myth" isn't a secret. She got fixated on long, fat, Black cocks and didn't want to fuck White men anymore.

I don't care about the other guy's complexion at all.

I moved on.

Now, my wife openly fucks other men. I wrote about a few of her experiences here. I hope you like her pictures.

Every picture tells a story ...


cuckold wife

Poster: Mark