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how our cuckold marriage started
I met my husband right out of college. He was and is a good man, and I will always love him, but he was naive. He was raised in a very strict religious home and had the idea that I was a virgin. I just let him think that, even though I was very experienced. I kept seeing other guys while we were engaged, and while I certainly didn't flaunt it, I didn't take great pains to hide it. Somehow, he didn't seem to notice that I was far from the proverbial "good girl."

He asked me to marry him, and I said yes. I wanted a stable home and family, and I did love him, even though I couldn't keep away from hot looking guys. I was so bad at being faithful, that when we walked down the wedding aisle together, I was two weeks pregnant by another man.

My husband thought he took my virginity on our wedding night, and and I let him think so. I told him I had broken my hymen accidently as a child, but to please be gentle anyway, and I pretended he was big and filling and stretching me, when he was doing nothing of the kind. He was small, awkward, and he really was a virgin himself, so he didn't know the difference. I know it makes me a real bitch, but even today, it feels so sexy and wicked to think that not only was he not taking my virginity, he was sticking his innocent five incher into a well-used bride who was already pregnant by someone else. If they weren't too weak to get there, I like to think his sperm got a big surprise when they found my egg was already fertilized and growing a baby.

When tests confirmed my pregnancy for sure, I was worried that my husband would find out when the baby was born. My lover was of the same race as my husband and myself (white), but he was a very sexy Sicilian hunk while my husband and I have fair skin and blonde hair. The baby's father was a one night stand (one of the few times I didn't use a condom) that I met while I was traveling, so I wasn'tworried about him ever being in the picture.

My husband was right by my side when I gave birth and I was so relieved that my son didn't look much different from us, but one thing I noticed is that he had a tiny birthmark on his back in the same place as my lover. As my son grew, his hair began to darken and he began to look more like my lover, but I told my husband that there were some dark haired, olive-skinned ancestors in my background.

I tried hard after that to stay faithful to my husband, but he just wasn't able to please me. Long story short, I began seeing other guys about the time my son became a toddler, and my husband found out. But the thing is, I didn't know he knew until I found copies of emails I had been exchanging with my lovers on one of his flash drives. I thought, well, that's the end of our marriage; he's gathering evidence to divorce me.

I kept waiting around for him to confront me, and the stress was almost unbearable. Finally he said, we needed to talk, and I thought "Here it comes. It's over."

He said, "I know you've been seeing other men. I found your emails."

I started crying.

He said, "Calm down, and hear me out. I admit I was so angry and hurt at first, but I've been thinking a lot. I don't satisfy you in bed, I've known that for a long time. I know you're a woman who needs more than I can give, but I love you so much, Shayla. I guess what I'm saying is, if you need...if you really have to do this to be satisfied, I mean, I don't want our family to break up..."

I saw my chance here. I snuffled and said in a sort of pitful way, "You mean you forgive me? Oh Tim, I don't deserve you. And I'm so very sorry, but you're right. I do need to be satisfied. But you're always first in my heart, you know that don't you?"

He said yes, he knew that. Before he could say much I made promises that I'd keep everything I did private, never bring anybody around, and never embarrass him. Things would go on as before.

And they did. But after a while, my husband became curious about my activities. He started asking about my dates, what we did, what kind of men I liked, and so on. I didn't know how to take this, but I had heard about men who liked being cuckolds, so thought I could use it to my advantage.

I told my husband, "I'll tell you the details, but I want you to promise never to get angry or sulk about it, and never to use it against me in an argument, because remember you asked for it."

He agreed. I started telling him about my dates, and I could see it really made him horny. I started learning more about guys like him (cuckolds) online, and I figured I could use his excitement to my advantage. I could do what I wanted, and if he wanted to be humiliated, well, I remembered having fun teasing nerds when I was a teen, so I thought, why not?

It was a good decision for us. We've had, and are still having a great marriage two decades later, but I've gone on for awhile here. If anybody wants to know more, click my name and email me.


cuckold wife

Poster: wildnbitchyIamtold