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She was ready!
My wife was very open and very active with three regular lovers on a regular basis. I met Antwan on line while looking for a semi pro photographer to do a photo shoot of her. I had talked with him lots and he was my choice to do the shoot but he had an agenda that was much more than doing just the shoot of her. Antwan desired to Own her! And to exploit her. I admit it turned me on and we talked of him doing so! I settled for a shoot with Piper! Who did a very good shoot for us on a Saturday morning at his home in Lincoln Ne. The 29 year old man was very proper and nice looking. We had discussed the fact her would be free to pose her as he wished and would be free to make her body respond for better shots! So hands on was fine! Which he freely took advantage of in making her nipples hard and vagina wet. At the end of the shoot he ended up in his bed with her nude and got his bare cock very wet in her! When we returned to get our CD of the photos he spent a couple hrs in bed with her again. Several weeks passed before I openly admitted that the other shoot was really the one I desired her to do! The other shoot was for Antwan. He is a 29 year old black guy that claimed to be very hung and very much into her! As I said we had talked for hrs about him doing her shoot and his desires of Karen. I had sent him a full set of the pics Piper had shot of my wife. So her wad lots of very good full nudes of her. Her reply to my statement that I wanted her to have done the shoot for Antwan surprised me. She simply said to set it up and she would do it too. Now this ment much more than just that! It also ment that she would also ingage in a full blown relationship with Antwan if they hit it off! She was agreeing to a complete relationship for some time! We had discussed her doing this for 6months to a year! So the shoot was only a small part of what setting it up really was. I thought about it for a week before I told Antwan she'd agreed to do it! Then we got down to the real meat of the thing! He ask me point blank if I was really ok with them being lovers for months? He wanted his cock in her hundreds of times! I told him I had no problem with them doing so! Next her outlined how her desired to turn her into a complete BBC whore for black men in the Omaha area. I agreed to talk about him doing that! This was when I set him up and he began talking to Karen on the phone. A week later I ask her how that was going? She replied it was going quite well. She liked him lots! So my next question was very much expected. Enough to do his shoot? Her reply was simple, Yes I want to do it. My next talk with Antwan was very to the point! He ask me if I would encourage her to submit to him? I finally told him it was part of what she was agreeing to! We had talked of a long term thing with a black man where she actually did submit to him. So he ask if he could do as he wished with her? And I told him as long as she agrees. The rest of our talk was setting the date and time for her shoot! He and Karen continued to talk several hrs every day! I walked in our office twice when she was Face timing with him and she was completely nude for him! She seemed very comfortable sitting with her breasts bared for him! He yelled at me and told me how much he enjoyed her beautiful breasts and I agreed. A few days later we pulled up in front of his house studio in North Omaha. It was at 10am on a Saturday morning! We walked to the door and Antwan answered it before we knocked. I was only slightly surprised to find him over 6' and over 200lbs and I was pleased he was better looking in person than on face time. He showed Karen into a room to get ready and we went to the set they would shoot in. He told me He was ok if I watched them shoot for a few minutes and until he was inside her then I could quietly leave them and he would call me with an agenda! He hoped to keep her for a few days! Karen entered then and I was shocked she was nude! Antwan kissed her open mouthed and calmly fondled her body! He posed her for almost a hr before he slipped his shirt and shorts off and slid between her widely spread thighs and she guided his very large thick penis directly into her spread vagina lips. He had taken his fourth stroke in and out of Karen when I quietly left. On my way home I realize she was very ready for what he wanted


cuckold wife

Poster: David