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Once A Cheater...
This is a follow up to my last post since I received so many requests. Yes, that is correct. I continued a 9 year affair with my ex. I loved him more than I could ever love my husband. This really put a strain on my marriage. To say it was a rocky marriage was an understatement. I guess I wanted him to divorce me and my ex to take me back but my ex didn't want to break his own family up but couldn't stop fucking me. He said I was everything a man wants in a woman in bed. I do admit I lovvvve cock and can fuck all day. I think he loved the fact I took control in the bedroom. I guess it's the dominant personality in me. Two years later I gave birth to a girl. This I know was my husbands but wasn't planned. As my older son grew and started playing baseball he was very gifted like his father. This gave me more opportunities to meet my ex because the all star team always traveled to my ex's hometown for tournaments. Every tournament gave me three to four days to hook up with my ex. My husband never suspected anything. After a couple more years of tournament fucking I made a mistake. I had asked my ex to come watch a game with me. When he saw my son playing baseball he new it was his son. He asked me and I couldn't hide it from him anymore. This scared him and he began to pull away from me. This really hurt me. Months later back in my old unhappy marriage we fought over anything and everything. I had began a new job working for the state. I sat next to a married older guy named Marty who was also having marital issues. His wife was cheating on him. We began talking daily of our marriages and would often take lunches together so we could bash our spouses. I didn't find him attractive and viewed our relationship as good friends. After months of talking one day he asked to meet him after work to talk about something on his mind. I said sure because I felt he needed advice since his wife had filed divorce papers. We met at a nearby park and it was late in the evening. I sat in his car as he began to explain his situation to me. As I listened I was surprised to hear him say he no longer cared for his wife but stunned me by telling me about his love for me. I was shocked and didn't know what to say when he leaned in for a kiss. I let him kiss me and was strangely turned on. I guess I really needed some dick. So we began making out. He started playing with my breast and of course I went straight for his cock. When I grabbed a hand full I was rather surprised at how big he felt and proceeded to release him to get a better view. He was semi hard and at least 8 inches. At this point I was sooo hot I knew we were going to fuck. I began sucking him getting another inch or two in length but it was his girth that had me awed strucken. Here before me was the biggest hardest cock I had ever seen in person. I couldn't wait to mount him. I asked him to stop and let's move to my car since it was a mini van. We layed the middle seat back and I climbed on. We fucked like animals. We didn't care about the cars or people around us. When we finally had enough we collapsed just catching our breath. I began thinking that his wife was fucking crazy to want to leave this. Marty was 8 years older and just average looking. He was slightly overweight but had a sweet personality. I always felt sorry for him but never thought of him as a lover. Now there I lay just having the best fuck of my life wondering what to say next. I finally broke the ackward silence thanking him for something I truly needed. But then I explained that I wasn't in love with him and didn't know if it would ever happen. But I told him that I would love to continue to fuck him as often as he wanted which surprised him. He couldn't say yes fast enough. As time passed we fucked everywhere including the office. It became a challenge to us to fuck anywhere we could. It was exciting and crazy and such a turn up on. Marty eventually took another job but that didn't stop the affair though it did slow things down. He also eventually got married and I went to the wedding. That didn't stop our hookups either though now it was only once or twice a month. And then it happened. I got pregnant again. I knew it was probably Marty's since sex between my husband was almost nonexistent at this point. Sure enough it was, looked just like him. Nothing like the other two. Three kids and everybody remarks about how different they look. Go figure! My husband was upset that I let myself get pregnant and questioned how it happened. He was getting suspicious in his questioning but I played it down. Then I made another mistake. Possibly another chapter.


cuckold wife

Poster: Joan