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A friend of mine set me up with my wife many years ago. His wife and my wife were best friends. It wasn't a blind date because I knew her from high school. She was the home coming queen. I was new to the school so she never knew I existed but I sure knew of her. She was a volley ball player and was the hottest girl in school by far. After high school she was playing college ball when my friends wife set us up. Little did I know she had a boyfriend when we started dating. After a few dates my friend asked how it was going between us. I said awesome and thanks. We hadn't had sex but we would have great make out sessions. Then my friend dropped a bomb. He told me she had a boyfriend on the side. I was shocked and hurt. He said he thought they had broke up but found out later from his wife they were still together. He told me I had better pick up my game if I wanted to keep her. I later found out he was the star pitcher on the baseball team and when he was out of town she was seeing me. I'm no alpha male and figured this wouldn't last so I threw in the towel and stopped calling her. I told my friend it was over. Months had passed and out of the blue I get a call from my friends wife asking if I would like to go on a picnic with them. I wasn't doing anything so I said sure. She then asked me to call K and ask her to join us. I said no she has a boyfriend. She said not anymore that he just moved away and she wanted me to call her. I wasn't sure. I felt she was settling because I had money and a great paying job. She kept begging for me to call her so I said I would. I called and she answered. She said she was glad I called and would love to go with us. I felt the girls had this planned but I didn't care because I still had the hots for her. The day went beautifully and she looked so hot in her shorts. At the end of the day I asked her out again. On our date I took her to a movie were she rubbed my leg all through the movie but always stopped short of touching my junk. I was so hard and ready to explode. After we went to my place and wasted no time getting in bed. When I saw her naked the first time I had to pinch myself. She was a hardbody to the max and waaaaay above my league. I was so horned up I knew I would blow fast but tried to hold back best I could. She took control and I lay there like a bitch. When she climbed on top and lowered herself down on me I knew she was well stretched because my dick slipped in like a finger. Her ex must have been hung. But I was trying to concentrate and not blow. She looked down at me and leaned down and shoved her tongue into my mouth and I blew my load without one thrust. I was so embarrassed. Though she was my first but she didn't know it. She smiled and said it's o.k. But you're not done. My dick was so sensitive it couldn't be touched. She slid forward placing her pussy on my mouth saying lick me. There wasn't any cum leaking yet so I parted her lips with my tongue and dove in. I owed her. Soon my cum was running in my mouth and she was grinding on my face hard. I had to swallow to breathe and tried the best I could to please her. It took awhile but she finally had a huge orgasm and screamed loudly. I felt good I made her cum so hard. She fell onto the bed and said that was awesome. My face was covered in mine and hers cum as we began kissing. I apologized but she said it was o.k. And hoped I enjoyed it as much as her. I told her yes and she said great because I have a feeling we're going to be doing this often. And we did because I found out I can't fuck because of my premature ejcaculation issues. But she said it was fine. We married the following year and our sex never changed. Later I caught her cheating on me with her ex. Every time he was in town for games they were hooking up. She would never admit it but then she started fucking a guy she worked with. She again denied there was sex involved. There were many other red flags popping up over the years with other men as well. Now we have three kids and I loved her and didn't want to divorce her. I sought help with therapy. I was basically told to either divorce her or accept that I was a cuckold and expect it. I wonder if the fact my therapist was a alpha female is why she said that. I chose the later because I loved her and didn't want to break up our family. She told me she didn't want a divorce either because I was such a good father. After months of talking she opened up about her sexual exploits. Now she new I accepted being a cuck. I found out she was fucking her ex for two years early in our marriage. Then she fucked her work mate several years after that. Not to mention many others over the years. She wouldn't drop names because many were my friends. All I asked is she stop hiding and sneaking around behind my back and be open with me about it. She agreed. Her excuse for cheating was I didn't have a cock and couldn't fuck and she needed to be fucked on a regular basis. She would continue sitting on my face because it turned her on feeding me her fucked pussy. I admit I enjoyed it as well because they didn't taste any different than me. Many years later she hasn't slowed down and when we go out she openly looks for dick in my presence. It makes for fun outings. kids are grown now and moved away giving her the ability to bring many lovers home saving on hotel cost. I haven't fucked any pussy in over twenty years. My dick has shrunk to a mere 2 1/2" fully errect but I don't care since I jerk off anyways. We are both very happy.


cuckold wife

Poster: Jt