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Sweet Cuckold


My wife Andrea and I had wrestled over our faith and our current lifestyle. We tried to return to our old life including going back to church. Only to discover neither of us were being honest with our selves.

Mike my boss and Andrea’s lover easily broke through the facade. She was his slut and I wanted it to be that way. So, we officially resigned from our church. Mike was back fucking Andrea a couple times a week.

The funny part is he and I were actually becoming best friends. He taught me how to golf. Mentored me on the ins and outs of his business. Even helped me buy up some rental properties. Showing me how money makes more money.

But when it came to Andrea he was in control. He would encourage her to call me while they had sex. He would stop by random nights and fuck her while I listened to them.

One of our golf outings I vented to Mike that people from our old church continued to reach out to us. Asking us to return to the “flock”. The pastor and his wife had asked to come visit us this afternoon.

Mike looked at me saying, “Tell then the truth.”

I was flabbergasted by his comment. But then he asked me, “Are you ashamed of what you are doing?”

I sat there in the golf cart pondering his question. I wasn’t ashamed of what we had chosen to be. But, it was private and not something we needed to put out there so casually.

Mike understood where I was coming from. He was a known player with a few women in and out of his bed. He had money and power and didn’t worry about any stigmas.

To say the visit from the pastor and his wife was backward would be an unstatement. Both in their early forties and African Americans. He was very old school women should be seen not heard, dresses only were to be worn by women, that type of old school.

So when Andrea greeted them at the door in short shorts and a halter top. His reaction was silent but obviously he was disgusted. His wife Laverne a full figured women. Very pretty face, huge breast and well rounded hips. Remained stoically silent looking straight ahead past Andrea.

We sat down and he got right to the point. Basically, he was concerned about our souls and being damned for eternity. Tried as we may to explain our choice to leave the church was personal. He only ramped up his fire and brimstone preaching at us. Still not a peep from Laverne.

Things went downhill from their when he looked at Andres shouting, “A fellow sister saw you and another man other than your husband enter a hotel together! That is highly suspect and you are a sinner!”

I guess he expected me to be the husband who had just learned his wife was unfaithful. Andrea stood up and was about to lay into him. I grabbed her arm and told her to sit down.

She was fuming but did as I asked. I looked at the pastor and with a calmness that even surprised me. I told the pastor she didn’t cheat on me as I was aware of her seeing another man...and I’m ok with it.

The look on his face was one of shock. Laverne’s brow furoughed and she looked at us for what seemed the first time. The pastor was just about to jump into another sermon.

Laverne yelled, “Enough, Thomas!”

Her turned looking at her like she had just wrecked his big white Merced’s. Again he was about to rage, but she told him to shut up.

Laverne said,”You are sitting here in judgment of this young couple when you have a log in your own eye! You have slept with half of your congregation including some of the men! Don’t be a hypocrite Thomas. Now let’s go!”

Thomas looked like he aged ten years in that one moment. She stood to leave saying,”At least you are honest and open about it. I believe God still loves you.”

With that she and her deflated pastor husband left our home. Andrea sat stunned on the couch just staring at me. I thought she was angry at me for exposing us. On the contrary. She literally tore my clothes of right there in our livingroom. Riding me to a couple intense orgasms before finishing me off with her mouth.

About a week later she received a call from Laverne asking her to do lunch. With a promise nothing would be said about church.

Andrea agreed and they had lunch. Laverne had known about Thomas’s indiscretions over the years. She had never confronted him because frankly they had two children and preaching was the only way he could pay the bills. She had never reciprocated by having an affair even though some of his closest friends had propositioned her many times in the past.

They have slept in separate bedrooms the last couple years and not had sex together even longer.

Then their conversation turned to Andrea and I. How we got where we were? Was there any jealousy? What did we both get out of it? Andrea said it was a very refreshing and honest conversation

They continued to meet up a couple times a week. Andrea telling me Laverne had really started taking care of herself. I had no idea until one day I ran into her at the grocery store. She looked great with a new short natural hair style. She had lost about twenty pounds that really showed off her curvaceous body.

We chatted for quite some time and she seemed to be flirting with me. I mentioned our run in to Andrea that evening. She mentioned Laverne thought I was handsome. She was old enough to be my mom, but honestly that turned me on.

I was suprised one Sunday afternoon after a round of golf with Mike to arrive home to find Laverne and Andrea sitting on our deck with an almost empty pitcher of margaritas.

I was in a great mood because it was also the first time I had beaten Mike at golf. The ladies humored me listening to the play by play of my victory. Andrea asked me to make another pitcher of drinks.

We finished it off having great fun and conversation. Laverne was completely unrecognizable from the person who visited our home moths ago. She seemed happy and care free and very flirtatious.

I excused myself to take a shower. Five minutes in with soap in my hair and my eyes closed. I here the shower door open. The next thing I know breast are pressing against my back. Large soft and definitely not my wife’s breast. Before I could turn around a hand found my cock stroking it in a tight grip.

We have a large walk-in showere with multiple shower heads both above and from the sides. Turning around there is Laverne looking up at me still stroking my now rigid cock. I couldn’t help look down at her huge glistening wet ‘tits with saucer sized brown nipples.

Thats’s when Andrea’s hands came into view as she massaged Laverne’s tits with soapy hands. I made eye contact with Andrea. The lust in her eyes mirrors mine at that moment.

I gave into it bending down to suck on Laverne’s nipples. Moaning as she stokes me and played with my balls. She was already breathing really hard. I faced her away from me towards Andrea.

She leaned forward to kiss and suck on Andeea’s tits. Sighing, Andrea looked up at the ceiling closing her eyes enjoying the sensation.

Wasting no time I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. Pressing in slowly only to have her push back hard taking my full nine inches. I think she literally came right there. She moaned really loud and her body shook.

Regaining her composure she looked back at me saying, “Fuck me, Baby.”

With my hands on her round brown hips I did just that. Long deep strokes driving her crazy. All the while never losing eye contact with Andrea who continues to play with Laverne’s heavy swaying tits. While supporting her as I fucked her to a knee weakening orgasm.

They both knelt in front of me sharing my cocks with their mouths. I announced I was going to cum. Andrea stood up and started kissing me like a wanton woman. Laverne was sucking me like crazy. I groaned out a warning, but she never stopped sucking. I came so hard my vision blurred. She kept sucking until she was sure I had no more to give.

Laverne left shortly afterwards giving us both a kiss goodnight. She was a beaming beauty. She walked or more aptly strutted out to her own big Mercedes and drive off.

Andrea wasn’t done she had me hard and fucking her bent over the back of the sofa. Asking me how I liked fucking Laverne. Adding her own details until I busted a nut deep in her pussy.

One week later I showed up for golf and another guy from work was there in Mike’s place. It was his birthday so I just figured he was busy setting up for his party at his house later that evening. I joked with the other guy that he probably didn’t want to lose money to me two weeks in a row.

About the sixth hole my phone buzzed with a text notification . Followed by more text in rapid order. Normally I wouldn’t have even picked up my phone during golf. But so so many text made it seem urgent.

Opening up the first text it was a picture of Andrea and Laverne sitting on a familiar looking deck. The next picture had me turning my phone so my cart partner couldn’t see the screen.

There on a familiar king size bed. Lavern was on all fours getting her pussy stuffed by Mike’s thick cock. The look of ecstasy on her face had me hard instantly.

The succession of pictures showed them fucking in different positions. Until the last picture from Mike’s point of view. He was fucking Andrea from behind as she ate Laverne’s pussy.

Well let’s just say my golf round went to shit. I was rushing my swing and losing concentration over my putts. The winner gladly took my money. I rushed home showered changed and headed over to Mike’s for his birthday bbq party.

Other guest had arrived before me so I couldn’t get to Andrea right away as she and Laverne were acting as hostesses while Mike played grill sergeant. Grabbing a beer I made my way over to Mike. He greeted me by handing me another spatula and telling me to add more burgers to the grill.

Smirking he asked, “How was your round?”

I replied, “I was under par until I got distracted.” Mike laughed slapping me on my back. Adding this was his best birthday in a long while.

Dozens of guest showed up including at least three other women Mike regularly bedded. Their was plenty of food and booze and music. People splashed around in his pool or gathered in small groups.

I finally cornered Andrea and asked about the pictures. She was giddy on drinks and kept trying to drag me off somewhere to get freaky. She finally told me offered Mike to help set up for his party. She asked if she could bring a friend. One thing led to another and she wanted me to see what they got into.

I was about to take her up on her offer to find some privacy when Laverne grabbed me by the arm to dance one of those crowd line dances. After the dance I looked for Andrea and couldn’t find her.

When I couldn’t see Mike either. I went inside not finding them downstairs I went upstairs. Sure enough Andrea was kneeling with her ass at the edge of the bed gripping the bedspread in both hands as Mike pounded her pussy from the back.

She was pretty toasted so her words seemed somewhat slurred but none the less I could tell she was enjoying his cock. Mike lasted about five minutes before cumming inside of her pussy.

Andrea fell flat on the bed and didn’t move. She had been drinking since earlier in the day and not being a regular drinker was passed out. I went back to the party and was followed soon by Mike.

I checked on Andrea a couple times but she was out. I put her under the covers and once again went back to the party. Laverne asked me where Andrea was and I told her she was sleeping it off.

She and I danced a few more songs together. I told her I needed to check on Andrea again. She came with me. Andrea looked so peaceful lying there, but she was going to hurt when she woke up.

I turned to leave and Laverne pushed me back into the bedroom closing the door behind her. She stepped out of her sun dress pushed me down on the bed and stared to undress me.

Minutes later we were in a sixtynine lying right next to my unconscious wife. Laverne’s big tits smashed against my stomach as her mouth worked my cock over. I tongued her to an orgasm as she rode my face.

She bounced on my dick for a while having another orgasm. Andrea moaned but didn’t wake up. I flipped her on her back and was long dicking her. My balls were slapping on her ass her thick calves were on my shoulders. Her tits were so perfect I asked if I could titty fuck her.

Andrea has nice tits but not big enough to do what we were doing. Watching my dick disappear between them to pop out the other side to her waiting flicking tongue. Was simply amazing!

We were both loud at this point and Andrea still remained oblivious. I pulled away shooting cum all over her tits. Which she eagerly massaged into the skin of her tits. We cleaned up and made our way back outside. The crowd had thinned out a little only the passed out and die hard s remained. Mike doing nude cannon balls off the diving board might have scared some folks off.

Mike finally maxxed out as well and passed out in a chase lounge. Laverne and a few other helped me clean up some. There were about half dozen other people passed out on loungers. Laverne help me gather Andrea up and I drove her home. It was late and her house was completely dark.

I asked, “Thomas won’t be upset with you?”

She replied, “He doesn’t have a say in what I do?”

With that she gave me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had in my car with my wife passed out in the back seat.


cuckold wife

Poster: DJ