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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


A must have if you....
My wife and I slowly got into this lifestyle. Living in a very rural VERY white small ton. It started simple, dirty talk, then progressing to being watched while on vacation. Then asking her to do something for me. She was insanely sexy, innocent looking blonde. the kind of looks even women watched her walked by. She played shy and innocent. But loved the attention. While I was into wanting to watch her suck or be fucked, I am not your typical cuck. I am hung, and masculine. But with all the desires of a cuck. Watch her and clean up after. As we progressed, it was white guys, and no fucking just blow jobs. She blew a her boss, her co workers and a couple different times we picked up a guy out at a bar and she would suck them off in the car while I watched, Then we would kiss. I began loving tasting their cum. But I wanted to watch her get fucked, she would always say no.
One night we were having sex and both in a crazy horny mood. She started the talk, asking me if I still wanted to see her get fucked? I immediately got hard and said yes! she said she was ready. I asked her if she had someone in mind. She said yes. when she told me I almost exploded as the words came out of her mouth.
Keep in mind we are married, and both very much in love. Very sane lives, but extremely active with each other sexually. This has been building over about 4 years. And again she is a wicked sexy innocent looking blonde, 27 years old, 5'3" 135 pounds. 34D.
she tells me, she saw a guy who stared at her and turned her on that day, and she instantly wanted him to fuck her. She said 'but I am not sure you would like thus type of guy'? I asked her to explain, she said,' well he was very muscular, and his was black'
I never felt so excited and horny. I said God I want that so bad!!!
unfortunately she did not know his name or how to find him. There was an army base not too far so we had other options.
we finalyy were out in a bar when she told me she sees a guy she wants to fuck. he definitely was interested. Black young and fit. watching her but being respectful about it. He was with several guys. my wife begged me to ask him. I had no idea of how or what to say.
We were both crazy excited, I had to do it. I walked up to him and almost choked as I said it. "My wife over there would like you to fuck her while I watch"
He smiled, and said, you serious?
5 mins later he was in our car going back to his apartment.

we went inside and I pulled my wife aside and told her,
baby I love you, I want o to fuck him anyway you want, I want you to love his black cock in anyway you want. I just want to lick his cum off or out of you, please. She said, that If I meant it, she wouldn't let me back out.

Then it began. I told him pretty much what we told each other, he could fuck her anyway they both liked for as long as he wanted and I would just watch, but I wanted to clean up. he said cool.
I couldn't believe it as I watched my pretty wife drop to her knees and pull his black cock out of his pants and begin to lick and suck it. it was back a lil awkward as she wanted to suck his cock but he wanted to get her clothes off. also he cell rang several times. he did not answer it, but looked and said it was his buddies asking if he was really fucking her. he asked if he could tell them yes, and she said 'tell them they could come watch if they wanted!!! I again went insane excited!! I couldn't believe her! I wanted to watch her get gang banged too!
when she was finally satisfied from sucking his cock, she stood up and walked over to where I was sitting 5 feet from the action, and bent over me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She whispered to me, ' can you taste his big black cock on my tongue? you are going to taste his cum out of my pussy,, DONT chicken out!
she turned and pulled down her pants, and went over to him. she had red thong panties on and snow white skin, he was very dark and he slid his dark hands and fingers over her belly, hips and ass, her head tilted backwards and her blonde hair reached down to the middle of her back. he spun her around and put her on the bed, pulled her panties off and she immediately opened her legs and let him begin to eat her.
after just a couple of mins, she pulled at him and said fuck me, please I want to feel ur big cock in me. he did fuck her he fucked her hard. my wife has such and awesome moan, he pounded her tiny pussy while I watched, He was getting ready to cum and asked where should I cum? she said loudly, inside me! then softer she said, My husbands going to eat ur cum out of me.
He exploded in her! for what seemed like a minute of cumming. he kissed her and got up and grabbed his bear and sat in the chair I had been in, I was now standing by the bed. my wife took her right hand and caressed her soaked pussy and with her left hand motioned for me to come licked her. I did without hesitation. I never did anything like this before. I was numb with excitement and joy. As I pushed in between her legs knowing I was about to taste and lick her black lovers cum out of her, I could smell sex coming from her body, her thighs were soaked from her pussy juice. As I got close she grabbed my head and gently guided me face to her pussy. I immediately put my tongue in there and began to lick every drop out of her. It was delicious it was amazing, she began thrusting her hips up and down and pulling my hair to pull my face deeper into her pussy. meanwhile her got hard again and walked over and put his cock in her mouth and she sucked him till he came in her mouth....and yes I got some of that too!
we were both hooked....when we were leaving, she whispered to me, 'ask him if next time he would invite his friends' I was rock hard again!...and yes I did ask him..and said we will be back.


cuckold wife

Poster: michael