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Lost Respect
I confided to my wife many years ago of my fantasy to watch another man fuck her. She thought I was sick or trying to run her off. This was before the whole cuckold craze so there wasn't much written on it and before the internet. I would talk about it when having sex and it really got her hot. But afterwards she didn't want to talk about it. This continued for years before she realized I wasn't trying to dump her and she admitted that sex between us wasn't that satisfying unless I talk about her fucking strange men. I know I have a really small dick but wasn't sure she realized how small I am compared to other men. The more we talked the more she opened up of her past hook ups. Turned out she had way more dick than I had pussy. She told me the only reason she gets on top is to rub herself off on me because my dick doesn't go deep enough to hit her sweet spot. Her favorite position was on bottom getting banged hard. News to me. So with this information we talked more about her fucking another man with a large cock. She admitted she wanted to but was concerned about the aftermath of our relationship. She warned me this could be a can of worms and wasn't sure my ego could take it. I swore up and down begging her to do it. She agreed to! We began our search. We started going to small bars and looking for single men. We both agreed the first time would just be the two of them in private. I would enter the bar first and checking out the crowd. If it looked promising I would signal her and she would enter sitting at the bar usually beside the male she found attractive. She usually started the conversation to get things rolling. We didn't have any success the first couple times we tried till one Tuesday. It was late when we arrived at this small bar and there was only half a dozen people there. She sat next to this guy who I thought was average looking at best which surprised me. They began talking and after several drinks they were getting extremely cozy. As it was getting close to closing time the bartender yelled last call. I watched as he turned to her saying something and she nodded yes. They began getting up and heading to the exit. As she walked by she winked. I waited a few secs before following them out. They walked toward a big truck that was lifted high in the air. He opened the door for her and boosted her up in. He then walked around and jumped in. I stood in the shadows watching. They were talking and then he leaned over and they began kissing. I instantly got hard even after all the beer I drank. Then he started the truck and started pulling away. I hustled to my car to follow but by the time I left the parking lot they were no longer visible. I drove around for some time checking nearby hotel parking lots with no luck. I decided to go home and hope she was o.k. I didn't really sleep that night because every sound woke me up. I was up early and still no sign or word. I began worrying and contemplating my next move when I heard a car door shut. I looked out the window and saw my wife walking towards the house and a cab backing down the driveway. I opened the door and she walked in and she looked like hell. I asked if she was o.k. She said she was good but very tired. She said she needed sleep and headed for the bedroom. I followed asking her what happened. As she undressed I saw hickies all over her body. She said that she was very satisfied and didn't want anything from me. She lay in bed and I laid beside her still asking for details. She told me they went to his house and he was single.
He was hung and can fuck for hours. She said she was extremely lucky to had found him the first time. As she told me in detail what happened I pulled my pants off and began stroking myself. She said her pussy was already sore from fucking his huge cock. It was the biggest she's ever had. After stretching her to the max he destroyed her pussy. She stated she had left her panties hanging on his bed post. I asked what she told him about herself. She said she told him she was married and her husband was hung like a mouse and away on business. He thought she was cheating and more than happy to help her out. I asked how many times did he cum in her. She said she thinks four but not sure. She had tubes tied after our last kid so no protection was needed. I asked if I could see her pussy and she said she wasn't going to fuck me. I begged to see it so she spread her legs. I crawled under the sheets and was impressed to see it still gapped open and very red. She was shaven so there was dried fluids all over it. The smell was overwhelming and before I knew it I was licking her with wreckless abandone. She grabbed my head and told me to eat all his cum like a good bitch. Which I did. She orgasmed two more times before I rolled over and jerked off. As I was pounding it she began calling me a bitch and cock sucker. I had the best orgasm ever and collapsed. We both went to sleep afterwards. When we woke later we repeated again with me eating her out. She began seeing him often and many sleep overs but denied me ever watching them fuck. I was eventually forced to the extra bedroom and denied pussy all together. She has confessed she doesn't respect me anymore and has fallen in love with him. She told me that if he ask her to leave me she would marry him. So for now I'm sitting here in limbo waiting to see what happens. I'm still in love with her and hope she doesn't leave. If she does I guess I can't blame her. After all I did push her and she warned me.


cuckold wife

Poster: JT