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Holiday Cuckolding
We recently got back from a weeks holiday in Fuerteventura which turned out to be a fantastic experience for my wife and I. Things, sexually, had not been going to well between us over the last 12-18 months and we'd been going through a bit of a bad patch in the marriage. Jane had reached the big 40 last year and I think this had contributed to her - lets say giving up - on her appearance. I think she is quite a stunner and guys still turn their heads when we are out and she is 'done up'but nothing I could say would convince her. It was becoming a big problem for us and i had started to 'see' a girl from work on a regular basis.
I suppose the holiday was a 'last chance' as far as I was concerned. She knew things were drifting and was quite appologetic but she just didn't seem to enjoy sex any more. I began to worry that it was me!
We actually got on well on holiday and whether or not it was the sun or drink or a combination of the two we even managed a couple of good sex sessions. Then, well i could never really explain what happened because in my mind it still seems like a dream. We were on the beach in one of the stone built wind breaks that are on a couple of beachs
just sun bathing and listening to our walkmans. In the next windbreak two hunky black guys just plonked their towels, nodded to us and led down to take in the sun. We had noticed the day before that quite a few people actually stripped off in their windbreaks and although Jane refused to strip completely she did go topless. If I say that she has tits to die for you will hopefully get my drift. Anyway, one the black hunks came over to us and asked if we had a corkscrew as they had a couple of bottles of wine but no opener. Luckily I had a penknife with a built in corkscrew so it did the job. Josh and i got chatting about music as he noticed I was reading a book about Bob Marley. Jane didnt really take any notice as she was well away listening to her music. What I did notice was that Josh couldnt keep his eyes of Janes tits and when I noticed his enormous stirring cock in his trunks I gave him a smile which he very embarrassed and apologetically returned.
He offered me some wine which I was glad of and I told him to call his pal over as we some nice cheese and bread. Dav jumped up and trundled over to us and sat on the wall of the windbreak, rolled a joint and offered it around. By this time Jane had sat up and was now joining in the drinking and conversation. When she wants she can be quite the centre of attention and turning to Dav asked if she could try his joint. I was shocked because normally smoking is one thing that appalls her but here she was, glass of wine in one and a joint in the other, flirting religiously with two black hunks. We all sat there chatting, laughing, drinking, smoking and listening to music for a couple of great hours but i noticed Jane was slurring her words and getting quite raucous. She tried to stand up and toppled onto Davs lap - he saved her but at the same time caught both of her tits in his massive shovel-like hands. Jane steadied herself but her hand was on his cock. 'Fuck me' she said as she felt the monster and Dav just blurted out that he'd love to! You could have cut the sexual tension with a knife so I bravely told Jane that now was her chance to fulfill one of her oldest fantasy's. Suddenly she put her arm around Davs neck and kissed him saying she was sorry and he just rammed his tongue down her throat. She was moaning as her hand strayed back down to his bursting cock and he gently allowed her to drop back onto her towel.
As she reclined onto the towel Dav kept his tongue firmly in her mouth as both Josh and I slid her bikini bottoms down to reveal her mohican styled pussy which was glistening in the sun. In one skilled hand movement Davs trunks were down and his enormous cock was inside her as the kiss continued punctuated by a growling sound in her throat as his 10 inches speared her. Dav withdrew his mouth to allow Josh the chance to push his equally huge cock into her mouth while i massaged sun lotion into her tits. In what seemed like seconds two huge black cocks were exploding inside my, until recently, sexually dead wife.
I didnt embarass myself by getting my cock out. i was just a tit massaging spectator! As soon as they had emptied their tanks they swapped holes and within another 10 minutes they were relieving themselves in her again. This carried on for another hour or so until they both said they had to leave. Jane and i wandered back to our appartment, jane with no bikini bottoms, just a towel around her waist. When we got back I noticed glistening trails of spunk all down her legs, around her mouth and over her tits. This was only about a week ago and I'm still in a daze.


cuckold wife

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