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The Great Holiday of 2009
Majorca was our annual summer family holiday with with my wife Linda. After 20 years of marriage sex was now almost restricted to an annual holiday fuck & this vacation proved no different, although sharing a one bedroom apartment was always going to be difficult sharing it with our 15 year old son. I might add I was 54 back then & my wife was 47

Nontheless we still managed an afternoon screw when he took himself off with a friend, although i will put my hand up & acknowledge it wasn't brilliant, as i'd already wanked twice that day, so when i realised my wife was horny & wanted servicing I did struggle a little. Infact the use of condoms was our only form of BC & infact i struggled a little to roll it onto my cock & whereas i initially started taking her in the doggy position, i slipped out of her a couple of times & as a result she rolled onto her back so i could take her in the missionary position & Linda had to guide me back into her on more than one occasion even in this position, telling me i shouldn't drink as much. I could see in her face she was a little concerned & I built up a sweat before i eventually came, but realised that she herself may not have cum.

We showered, dressed & went to dinner & met our son, but after a few drinks he left us to return to the hotel room & we then met a young neighbour who was with a group of lads & unbelievably was staying in our hotel. We drank some more & danced & so did Linda & Tony, who was beginning to make advances towards my wife. Tony back then was a mere 24 year old with a slim but well built body & a similar height to me, 6'3". Linda had always been drawn to taller guys, not that she is small at 5'9"

The night was still relatively young, but the three of us headed back to our hotel for a night cap. We couldn't go back to our room, so instead we ended up in Tony's room for a drink. Tony was being quite blunt telling Linda he wanted to lay her, but with her being merry she could handle it & told him or should i say she reminded him she was married & there was no way, but he was persistant, even asking whether she would give him a BJ, but i don't know what was said other than he kept telling her she would never know what he was like if she didn't try, but somehow she agreed to give him a HJ. I must say my wife has always given me a good wank when maybe she wasnt in the mood for sex.

We adjourned to the bedroom where there were just 2 single beds & I thought Linda was backing off when she said what happens when you mate comes back, but Tony reassured her he wouldn't & without further hesitation Tony undid his belt, unzipped himself & yanked his shorts & Boxers to his ankles.

Both Linda & myself just looked at each other with open mouths as his cock popped out semi hard, but was already bigger than mine. Linda then took up her position behind him & admiringly slowly rubbed his cock with a single finger & thumb & within seconds he was fully erect. One hand was on his cock & her other hand crept inside his shirt & i watched her hand moved up his body & was exploring his chest, no doubt teasing his nipple.

Tony's hand reached behind him & I could see he was trying to rub her pubic bone area, but she told him to stop or she wouldn't finish him. Tony even apologised to me, but in his next breath he said "lets get on the bed & get more comfy.

The two of them got on the bed, although Tony removed his shorts & boxers wrapped around his ankles & removed his shirt too, so he was now totally naked. Linda was wearing a dress that fell to just above her knee & whereas she was wearing panties, she wasn't wearing a bra.

Tony was laid on his back, my wife laid next to him & she resumed her duty of giving him a HJ, with Tony's hand now exploring her thigh nearest to him just above her knee cap. The way she was stroking him was different to how she did it to me, but he was bigger & thicker, I'm only 13cm or just over 5", but Tony looked a solid & thicker 8".

As i watched from the bedroom doorway, i was harder now than i had been when i fucked her some 3 or 4 hours earlier & I announced that I wanted to fuck her. Tony responded by saying i wont stop you if you want to do it here, with your son being in the room & Linda was clearly horny now herself & told me to go & get a condom from our room & return asap.

I duly obliged & returned a couple of minutes later, as our room was in a different block of the hotel, with condom tightly gripped in my palm of my hand. On re entering the bedroom, Linda's dress was now half on, half off, her boobs were on show & Tony's hand was now rubbing her upper thigh, edging closer to her panties. Infact i was no longer bothered that Tony was bigger than me & now i only wanted to lay my wife properly this time & wasnt embarrassed about my size as i too dropped my shorts & boxers. I was erect.

Linda sat up & removed her dress altogether & she jumped as Tony ran his hand between her legs over her panties & turned to me remarking she was very wet. I moved to the other single bed & started to remove my shirt, when Tony moved over a little & somehow removed Linda's panties in a flash.

Linda too was now naked, but instead of resuming to wank Tony again before joining me she now laid on her back & i was speechless as Tony prized her thighs apart & moved his body over hers. Linda looked at him & told him he shouldn't, but surprisingly she kept her legs parted as Tony rubbed the tip of his cock over her love hole.

Linda had always been faithful throughout our 20 years of marriage, but i'm sure my performance earlier that day was a contributory factor in her looking at Tony and telling him & I'll always remember the words "Stick it in me Tony". Tony hesitated, particularly when i added that i had a condom with me, but Linda snapped back & told me to "fuck the condom" & without further ado Linda took hold of his cock & guided him into her.

Tony looked surprised, but eased into her ever so slowly as Linda's face grimaced, no doubt part pain, but more pleasure i suspect. within a minute they had taken up a rhtymn Linda clearly meeting his thrusts, as i stood up & watched but stroked my cock at the same time. They seem to fuck for ages & Linda gripped his back as she eventually came & snogged him passionately. Tony continued to thrust into her & eventually pulled out only to shoot his cum across her body & from his cock being at the entrance to her love hole one stream reached her tits. it was an awesome sight & i too had to shoot.

They continued to gently kiss, infact i noticed Linda was rubbing his cock & whether it went soft or not, a minute or two passed before she guided him back into her & they resumed fucking again, except this time he shot his load in my wife's married pussy.

they kissed again a little before we got dressed & returned to our own room. A few days later Linda was invited back to Tony's room without my prescence which made it a little awkward as my son kept asking where his mum was, but Tony once again gave her a damm good bareback fucking & shot his young semen in her fertile cunt.

So that was over 8 years ago & whereas i still get what is really an annual holiday fuck, Tony still gets to have his way with Linda about twice a year.


cuckold wife

Poster: Duncan Gee