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It was Spring when my wife's marrried sister, who lives in the north of England (we live in London), attended a conference in london for the large group she worked for. Instead of staying at the hotel where the conference was held, it was to everyone's advantage that delegates, where able to, stay with relations & friends, so Julie stayed with us for the week. The first, Monday evening, she came home with this colleague of hers.(We found out later that as a single girl a few years back, she'd had an affair with this young handsome blond guy, when they both worked in the same location, so obviously they were 'close').
We all had a few drinks, & it was felt that Stuart, who now lived in another part of London, was in no fit state to drive home, & decided to stay over. Only 2 bedrooms had we, but that did not phase Julie or her former lover--- "Don't tell Bill (her husband)" implored my sis in law, as the 2 of them took up residence in the spare bedroom! What happened that night was nothing short of awesome. They were at it like animals---the hot pounding that that blond stud was giving her, Carol, my wife, nor I could sleep a wink all night! Next morning, in the scramble for the toilets pre work, we saw Stuart briefly in only his briefs, & his strong young body certainly did not go unnoticed by either Carol or by me! That WHOLE week was amazing. The 2 of them, Julie & Stuart would return to our place after dinner at their conference hotel, & Julie would commit adultery in the guest bedroom, all night long. And WHAT a stud---her multy orgasms were incredible. Each morning, Julie would look smug & pleased, having been SO SO beautifully serviced by her blond stud-lover! Yes, I could SWEAR that Carol (was it sibling rivalry?) was more than just envious! Anyway, this guy Stuart had borrowed a couple of DVD's from us, saying he'd return them as soon as poss. A few weeks went by, Julie back in the north of England, when she phoned to tell us she was pregnant, & then almost a whisper over the phone, "The baby's Stuart's, NOT my husbands" she admitted! So whilst at our place that stud had bred her, had deeply inseminated her whilst her poor cuckold husband was in bed alone somewhere in the north of England! Naturally the parents of the sisters were delighted, & invariably began asking us, albeit subtly, as to why the elder sister (my wife) was not conceiving, TOTALLY oblivious that their daughter was having a cuckold baby!
Anyway, a few days later Stuart phoned, apologising for not returning the DVD's, & asking if he could come around one evening to do so. As we'd come to know him as such, Carol suggested he dine with us. I suppose it was a giveaway, the dim lights, the slow sexy music that greeted his arrival. The dinner was a sort of joint effort, with both of us cooking parts of it. I saw as Stuart & Carol slowly went off dancing to the music, & I went to the kitchen to oversee the food. When I returned to the lounge, the 2 were STILL in close dance, except that now, their mouths were deeply locked together in a nice long slow french kiss! It was inevitable! When they finally broke their snog, she looked up at him in sheer admiration. "You stud", she said, "tall, blond, handsome--no wonder Julie let you breed her, the bitch!". I was amazed, as slowly my wife kissed him all the way down, & took up a loving kneeling position before him. Together they managed to slowly release his organ from his trousers, & even in a semi erect state, it was HUGE. Looking at me, she wanked it a bit till hard, & then slowly & lovingly fitted her mouth around the swollen head. Those lips that were french kissing him were now giving his cock a wonderful gobble, knelt down, my wife of 3 years giving this blond bachelor such good head! I was powerless, as after a few minutes, she led him to the dining table, hand in hand, his cock still hard as hell. "Serve up" she ordered, "the food must be ready". I did as bid, as I, not just the cuckold also played the role of the waiter!
Their table manners were impecable, for after every mouthful of food, my wife would lower her head & take a mouthful of cock. Even the wine that he drunk was poured into his mouth from that of my wife's mouth! "Wine kisses" I think it's called! This went on & on, their unusual table manners! After the meal, they got up, & her words were poignant, "You've tried the guest bed, now try the marital bed!", leading him, hand in hand to our bedroom. I watched in awe through the doorway, as the beautiful adulterous couple slowly undressed before each other. She lay back, opening her legs for this stud, who a few weeks ago had impregnated her younger sister! Thier love making was awesome, the way this guy moved between her legs, the way my wife brought her legs round his strong back, the way their mouths locked together in french kisses as they copulated. The orgasms were familiar---same stud, different sister! She was multi-coming on that blond dick, & he was relentless! She then rode him, as she sat astride him, & I sensed he liked it like that, as he yelled out to announce his own "arrival"! As he did, I quickly made my exit to the toilet, where I did the inevitable in private! My cock, small as it was, was neverthless hard! Since then Stuart has been around maybe 3 times for further love sessions with my wife. It was on the third visit that I quite OPENLY "enjoyed myself" in their presence!
Then about a year back, my sis in law gave birth to a lovely daughter. Only her, the 2 of us & the impregnator Stuart knew that the baby was a cuckold baby, a REALLY attractive & highly alert baby! On a visit south, Julie once more told us that the biological father was the PERFECT dad, as her baby had inherited fantastic genes---looks, & intelligence, this guy Stuart a successful high flyer in the firm! That visit sure stirred things up. What with pressure from her parents, what with seeing her sibling SO happy, my wife naturally was broody. I then asked her, & she admitted that she TOO wanted a baby "like Julie's!" I was stunned--- & she looked at me & admitted, "I want Stuart's baby, not yours--I want a superior child!" After all that had happened, I was in no position to prevent this inevitable humiliation. Carol phoned Stuart, arranging for him to spend a few days with us during her "fertile time". Of course he knew, & did his ego no harm atall. Come the time, they were at it like animals---fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck day & night, him giving her wombfuls of his "precious love", with me as an observer, ensuring that the 2 of them wanted for nothing, providing energy-sustenance & even encouragement, the perfect cuckold was I! This happened in Spring 2008, & now Carol is well & truly pregnant with Stuart's love-child. Her swollen belly, expecting delivery in a few weeks if that. "I've a nice swollen belly for blond Stuart" she proudly told her sister over the phone, "a 'blond man's' belly!", looking at me almost tauntingly as she said these words! Naturally her parents are delighted. In fact she's scored one over her sister. A scan has revealed a son, & whom we have decided to name Stuart! Stuart too is proud, & everytime he comes around, he slowly rubs my wife's swollen belly, the child he's bred, & slowly & lovingly french kisses her whilst gently carressing her pregnant belly! This is a prelude to him getting sucked off by my wife, as she now finds love making difficult, & in any case finds slowly sucking her lover off a very tender & loving act! She is Stuart's "private cock sucker" she says!
So I, like SO many other cuckolds on these pages will spend my life bringing up another man's child, a child that promises to be SO much superior to any I may have produced!
I LOVE reading about cuckold pregnancies, as there is a personal connection


cuckold wife

Poster: Family affairs man