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Wife Peg
It was Sunday and we had invited 4 of our married friends over to watch football and their wives were pleased not to have to put up with them and the games and Peg and I were pleased because she would have 4 cocks to take care off and I was going to be able to watch.
As the guys showed up Peg met each of them at the door and kissed them letting each one sneak a feel of her breasts as she laughed a little breathlessly rubbing up against them and teasing the guys by feeling their cocks through their pants.
We had prepared a platter of sandwiches and a small ice chest of beer for the guys and by the time Jerry had his kiss and quick feel Peg's hair was in disarray and her blouse was open with her pert 34B-cup breasts were exposed and her hard little nipples were proudly on display.
The game hadn't started yet but the way things were going I figured that it wasn't going to be first choice for our friends as Walt pulled Peg onto his lap as he sat on the couch and the guys all crowded around grabbing at her tit,s and ass as she giggled like a school girl then she freed Jims cock and stroked it while kissing Manny as he leaned in between her and Walt . Ted was pulling her blouse off now and Peg let him pull one arm at a time off her and Jim had kneeled pushing Walt's leg out of the way and pulled Pegs legs apart enough so he could get at her pussy and he licked her panties as Peg gasped sitting on Walt's leg her breath coming in ragged grunts as she grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth tight against her very wet pussy cooing and grunting at the same time and the guys were still trying to get their turn but Peg was over the top now grunting and growling her teeth bared in a snarl as her excitement took her over the top and her body began to shake uncontrollably as Jim dug into her pussy with his tongue as he breathed noisily with his nose tight against her clit.
Peg shuddered in release and now all of us spectators watched her cum on Jims tongue her hair hanging in her face and her body lurched forward as she ground her pussy against Jims lips finishing herself off then she was gasping for breath her chest heaving as her starved lungs tried to inhale huge gasps of oxygen We watched Peg slowly recover her gasps becoming more controlled now still holding the back of Jims head then she sat up brushing her hair back out of her face that was beet read from her orgasm and she said WOW my god that was great her lips spreading into a wide smile as she patted Jims head like a dog saying good boy Jim I guess you go first now take your clothes off and sit on the couch as she got unsteadily on her feet and all of the guys were disrobing knowing that Peg was going to suck each of them off and later they would each get to fuck her.
Jim sat in the middle of the couch opening his legs wide with his 6 inch cock poking out between his legs as the guys gathered around watching and waiting for their turn as Peg kneeled in front of him stroking his cock laughing wit the rest of the guys as they pawed her breasts wand tried to finger fuck her
Peg was laughing now pushing their hands away then she gave up and sucked Jims cock into her mouth and as I figured he lasted only a couple minutes until he grabbed handfuls of her hair and tried to shove his cock into her throat and Peg gagged pushing herself back far enough to keep from him deep throating her as each guy was telling him to hurry then when Peg sucked him dry Walt sat on the couch beside him as Peg moved over in between Walt's legs and sucked his dick into her mouth as Jim gasped for breath and his hard on wilted.
Walt also had about a 6 inch cock and when he came Peg was able to deep throat him and she did the last to guys the same and by the time she finished up with Ted Jim was behind her trying to get his semi hard dick into her pussy but failed so we watched the rest of the game as the guys recovered grabbing at Peg's tits and ass whenever she got close to one of them and Peg was having the time of her life fending them off laughing like a school girl but then things began to get interesting and she gradually began to let them make their moved first with each of them fucking her then for the rest of the day as the guys recovered they would fuck as we watched and once Peg had a cock in her mouth riding .
Walt's cock cowgirl style while stroking a cock with each hand.
Peg wound up the day on her belly with each guy fucking her like that her breasts flat on the carpet had her head on a pillow letting the guys have their fun because she was used up.
Ted went last and her pussy was so full of sperm he sloppily fucked her complaining that he couldn't feel anything and he pulled his cock out and placed it st her asshole entrance and peg stiffened up but looked over at me and finally said go ahead and Ted butt fucked her as we watched.
After the guys left Peg took a long shower then came back out laying her head on my shoulder and said I,m tired babe and in seconds she was snoring softly with her still damp hair hanging in her face


cuckold wife

Poster: james1985