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Black Cock

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Is kissing tame?
Many hard core cuckolds would consider cuckold kissing, to be tame! But not me.
It started many years back, when I was a fairly innocent 18 year old. My mum's younger sister had married a rich farmer, much older than my aunt, & my parents & I would often visit the farm, which I enjoyed, what with all the animals there, the difference from city life, & the chance to explore the whole place.
Well, one summer, mum, dad & I were to spend a week's holiday at this farm. Now at that time, there were 2 young guys there, identical twins, from a nearby Agricultural College, & who had to be at a farm as part of their professional training. Going by their college status, these twins must have been 20 or so, & what was eye catching that they were very blond, with almost white blond hair, & in the summer sun, their hair fairly dazzled! I thought nothing of it, but one morning, I was gonna be taken horse riding by some visitor using the stables at the farm; at the appointed time, I went to the stables, but was informed that the guy was running late & would be there half an hour later. I had half hour to kill, so, in 'exploration mode', I went to one of the nearby barns. Boy, was I stunned as to what I saw there. I entered quietly, but there was noise there anyway, what with animals, & a noisy tractor or plough working outside. I was maybe 10 yards away from my mum & dad, my aunt & her husband, and the 2 blond twins----AND, I was watching my mum in the arms of one of these twins, in a deep deep French kiss---ditto my aunt, also doing mouth to mouth with the OTHER twin. Both their husbands (my dad & my uncle)were intently watching their own spouses doing their hot adulterous kissing. Shocked, confused for sure, , as I watched very concealed, this French kissing going on & on, my mum's head, & the blond guy's head moving in wonderful unison, as naturally, tongues were being sweetly swapped! Confusion led to erection, & the latter leading to a slow & 'meaning to last' masturbate. Now my mum & her sister are classic English brunettes, & lovely with it, their heads in perfect juxtaposition to the contrasting blond heads of the 2 lads. Watching their French kissing was so so easy on the eyes! They made 2 TRULY lovely couples as they snogged away, cuckolding my dad & my uncle in the process! Maybe 5 minutes of this, & to my disappointment, my mum & HER blond lad disengaged, & with a laugh she shouted out, "Swap partners!", And so it was to be. I watched in awe as my 35 year old mother falling into the arms of the OTHER 20 year old blond lad, with my 25 year old aunt to be frenched by his equally blond twin who'd just snogged my mum! And so it continued! On & on it went---disgusting, but my right hand was by now going fairly berserk! For sure, time flies when you're having fun---& this was not all; after a while my mum yet again shouted, "Swap partners", which the 2 couples did, & all the while both cuckolds were intensely watching their unfaithful wives, almost transfixed by what must have been a fantastic view from a couple of feet away! The whole thing was stunning!
Sadly, the half hour was approaching, so I simply HAD to relieve myself onto this load of hay! Quietly I crept out, my mum's & the blond lad's mouths deeply & so sweetly locked together! I wished I could have stayed on to do ANOTHER masturbate---SO turned on was I!
After this, the riding, which I was SO looking forward to, was a bit of an anti climax!
That was the start; watching kissing, specially cuckold French kissing became all important to me; & specially involving young blond bachelors warming their tongues in the mouths of slightly older brunette wives, with hubbies watching.
And to try & satisfy my urges, I've been surfing the net continually; but do I, OR HAVE I EVER found anything at ALL, let alone anything good? NEVER! Yes, there's a lovely 30 minute French kissing compilation featuring a redhead snogging a series of black men, & I also enjoy watching this, & can understand the attraction---the contrast in colour, the racial taboo, the cuckoldry of the video, with the husband filming his wife. What I'd REALLY love is for a video maker to do a similar video featuring a VERY blond guy doing these hot snogs with, ideally a darker haired housewife, & ideally with the wife's hubby watching & doing a masturbate on camera! Yes the compilation I mentioned had the couple snog at different locations, & better still in different positions---on a bed, on a couch, standing up, with close ups, & more distant shots----even fully dressed, but naturally the best were when they were French kissing naked, tongues & all in view! Some even featured two blokes with this redhead! So I'd LOVE to watch a 'copy' of that video, but the casting of the couple to be the same as was what I saw in the farm barn so so long ago! Yes, & there WAS actual fucking taking place on the video, but only in positions where they could French kiss; so the fucking was merely incidental, with the French snogging without doubt the main event!
And to think that these days you can download ALL manners of porn---including dirty scatological stuff, porn featuring adult midgets, TS & TV', gays, lesbians, SM, group orgies, inter racial---you name it, you can get it----EXCEPT porn featuring the relatively TAME activity of good French kissing starring a couple JUST like the one I'd chanced upon as a young teen----my brunette mum with her 2 blond twins snog-partners. Incidentally, I KNOW that my mum AND her sister have had full sex with those 2 blond lads (watched by their husbands!), but that aspect, (though I'd have LOVED to have watched it also,) was of lesser importance than their deep & disgusting French kissing!** Odd Maybe, but that's the beauty of life---variety!
So come on all you multi talented DVD producers, PLEASE a compilation to fulfil my modest desires! Thanks!

** Will provide, in a future letter, 'proof' that full sex HAD taken place later on!


cuckold wife

Poster: voyeur type