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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Bits and pieces

These flashes of true events are stuck in my memory. I want to "admit" them in pieces.

I remember:


How he flexed his ass cheeks when he slid his cock into my wife. When it got in all the way it could, he flexed. He would let it stay deep for a second before he drew it out of her.

(Brian was her stud for years. He was younger, tall, slim thick and 8 1/2")

His balls hung low and his cock drooped when he wasn't hard. You could see it through his pants. When he fucked her they slapped her on the ass. It sounded like somebody clapping.

Usually when he was ready to shoot, the clapping stopped and his scrotum drew up tight so it looked like he had one big red ball. He smashed them into her hard flexed his ass cheeks to pump her full. I saw the base of his cock flex when he came.

It stretched a little when he pulled out like she was gripping it or wringing the cum off it with her cunt. Then it popped out limp and leaking.

One night we had guests and she wanted to fuck him. He had a van. I told him to park at a spot on a country road and I would bring her to him.

I did.

I didn't see them, but I did hear them. She made a LOT of noise and fucked him for an hour straight while I waited outside waiting for them to exhaust each other.

One night I was in another room and they were watching TV. when I came back, they were naked. She was blowing him. He did have a really big cock and it was standing straight up past his navel.

She laid back on the couch and mover her knees apart. He crossed the room with his heavy cock bobbing as he walked. He got between her legs and she lifted them, pointing her open cunt to him. She grabbed his cock and put it up against her cunt. He slid it into her and she raised her legs wider to give him room. Spread wide with long Brian between them.

He fucked her hard and she let the neighbors know it. They weren't concerned with me seeing it. They didn't care who saw or heard them. They were locked together and staring into each other's eyes.

(Our friend next door must have heard her because the next day he fucked her. I didn't know it until after.)

Brian was her main fuck. He knew he could fuck her whenever he wanted. He waa young and single, so my wife took care of him a couple of times a week for a long time.

The first time she fucked him it surprised me. I didn't know they felt each other up and made out a couple of times when I wasn't around.

One night when he was visiting, I went to bed and fell asleep.

Later my wife came in. She was nude and clutching her clothes to her breasts. She stood by the door. I asked her what was up. she said, "I fucked Brian". I was startled. I asked her how was it and she said, "He is a LOT bigger than I thought".

I felt her and her skin was hot. I put a couple of fingers in her. She was stretched and full of his cum.

After that she fucked him (and others) when she could.

Like Skip.

My other friend, Skip always bragged about how big his cock is. His girlfriends bragged about it, too. Sometimes it was the first thing they said to me. My wife was very wary of him. He was in love with her for years.

One day she skipped work. I reminded her it had been a while since she fucked anyone except Brian. I asked her who she wanted to fuck that day and she said, "Skip".

I was surprised. She was serious.

I called him at work and said she wanted to have sex with him today. He said he would kill me if I was joking with him.

I told him to call her.

When I got home she was sitting on the couch with his head in her lap and his cock draped over his leg.

I asked her how she liked it and she said he is "amazing". he laughed. I felt her up and she was only a little wet. I asked her about it and she said, "It is in there. Way up in there". She let it drip into my hand. He did shoot a LOT into her. He wasn't hard but he rolled over onto her and rubbed himself on her. Either she was really stretched or he got hard again because he slid back into her. She strained her neck as if to give it more room.

Every time he buried his cock in her, she gasped and curled her toes - obviously having a LOT of orgasms. He flexed his ass cheeks like Brian did when he got as far into her as he could. She said it took a little while to get it to fit all the way in.

She fell in love with him and told me. I asked her how big around he was because she was so wide (and slimy) when he fucked her and she made a "C' with her thumb and forefinger. They didn't close by an inch.

I 'll finish this later.


cuckold wife

Poster: Mark