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True story of how I became a willing cuckold
I married Barb in 1988. She was 21. I was 32. When we met, in 1986, she was all over me, and we had sex every night to the point where it was wearing me out. Let me mention my cock is average in size, 5 1/2", and 2 " thick. Barb is a tall, 5' 9"long-legged 34 C breasts, shoulder-length blonde hair up top, brown down bottom, Her sexual drive was higher than mine at first, then slowed down, but I didn't think much of it. I was adventurous, and brought a 6" dildo and a strap-on belt into our sex life, enough to satisfy her, or so I thought. I took hot porno films of us making love, and she would fuck herself with the dildo, while sucking my cock. One night she asked me if I had any fantasies? It didn't dawn on me, or I was too selfish to consider what she wanted.
Life moved on, and by 1992 our marriage wasn't going well. Our age difference was taking its toll, at first mentally, as we were different generations, watched different Tv shows, etc. Also, I gained weight. Then, physically our sex life became boring, to the point where I was lucky to get laid once a week, and I admit, I wasn't bothering to try to please her, I didn't have enough stamina, and would come well before she would orgasm.
One day Barb asked me if I would mind if she went out with a couple girlfriends. I was happy to say yes, as it would give me some alone time, I trusted her completely, knowing she wouldn't cheat on me. Months passed, and I liked it when she went out, usually every Friday night, as I figured it was good for her to hang with people her own age. And it was. Except, one Friday night she was out, I had gone to bed, and was awoken hearing voices, and I made out Barb saying my husband is sleeping, you can't come in. Well, whoever he was, he left. When Barb came into the bedroom, I pretended to be asleep, but I was pissed and jealous.
The next day I asked her how her night was, and she said it was fine, no mention of her pursuer. I then let her know I had awoken, and was pissed some guy followed her home from the bar. She said she had danced with him, and he was very persistent in wanting her, but she flatly turned him down. I
was furious, and told her so. She said she hadn't done anything wrong, and I had to agree, so I forgot about it.
A couple weeks later, I was talking with my old college roommate Fred. I told him what happened, and he reminded me of the hot times we had in college, sleeping with our respective girlfriends in our dorm room, literally three feet apart, and fucking away with abandon, with the lights off, but you could still see each other. It was hot to watch. He was married, and said it was hot to have other men lust after his wife, a huge turn-on for him. It enlightened me, and I realized I not only need to lighten up, but I became obsessed with wanting to watch my wife get fucked by another man.
My next move was to sneak into the bar the next night Barb went out, to find out who was after her. It didn't take long. I slipped in to the dark side of the bar and watched as Barb danced with a football jock, 6' 2", built like a brick shithouse,, a local kid who actually made the last cut with the Eagles as a linebacker. I was filled with a mixture of anger and jealousy, but as I watched Brian whirl and twirl my wife, and how happy she was, I knew he was the one who followed her home the other night. I slinked out so no one spotted me, and went home and waited with the lights out. The bar closed at 1, and sure enough, at 1;15, my wife pulled up in her car, and right behind her was Brian in his Jeep. They started talking at the door as before, only this time I took a deep breath and flipped the lights on and asked what is going on here, feigning anger. Barbara was shocked to see me, and didn't know what to say, expecting a huge blow-up jealous argument. Instead, I smiled and said it's okay, and asked Brian to come on in!
Brian's hulking figure filled the doorway as he entered. My heart was racing. I had the next move in my hands, and I was filled with emotions of fear, jealousy, and anger, but also, a strong sexual lust, and I just came out with it, and said to him in front of Barbara that I knew he was after my wife, that I didn't' blame him, and that I would allow him to fuck her tonight if I could call the shots and watch.
To my surprise and pride, Barbara immediately protested, saying she loved me, and wouldn't cheat on me. I said it wouldn't be cheating, because I was giving her permission. The look on her face was of astonishment, but then she fell quiet, as Brian started kissing her on her hands, then arms, then neck. She looked at me one more time, and I nodded, then I said to Brian to kiss her mouth.
He slid up from her neck and kissed her lightly at first, and she tried to protest, but she opened her mouth wide and they deeply French-kissed. My wife wrapped her arms around his neck and I told Brian to put his hands on her, and feel her breasts. He wasted no time, and quickly moved his hands under her shirt, and up to her breasts. Barbara stopped kissing, and started softly moaning, telling Brian how good it felt. I again was mesmerized with mixed emotion, but I couldn't stop now. I didn't know if this was going to save my marriage, or end it.
I asked them to move into the living room. I told Barbara to take off Brian's
shirt, and she un-buttoned it one by one. I noticed her hands were trembling. Brian shrugged off his shirts and I ordered Barbara to lick and suck each of his nipples. As she was kissing and licking his chest, I told Brian to remove Barbara's shirt and bra. He pulled her shirt over her head, and practically tore off her bra, and Barbara had to help him unclasp it. He had his mouth all over her breasts, licking and sucking each one, massaging them roughly as he did. This was something I was not expecting, but Barbara was not objecting, she was panting
and shaking.
The next step was the point of no return, if we hadn't reached it already. I kind of haltingly said to Brian to un-do her pants. As he opened the top snap, Barbara glanced over at me to be sure. I smiled again, and kept a steady gaze on Brian's hands as he un-zipped and slowly pulled her jeans and panties down over her hips, exposing her bushy mound. He slid them off each of her feet, then sat her down on the sofa. I asked him if he'd like to taste my wife's sweet pussy, and without another word buried his face between her legs. I was in a state of shock watching my wife get eaten by another man. Brian licked her slit up and down, kissing and slurping her cunt juice. Barbara slid forward on the edge of the sofa, spreading her legs wide, giving him full access to her sex. I was now really revved up, and my cock was rock hard. I hadn't felt this horny in a long time.
After about 15 minutes of this, it was time to see Brian's package. I knew he was going to bigger than my dick, and wasn't sure how I was going to feel, but I told him to stop and stand up in front of her. I told Barbara to un-do his pants. She shakily did so and when she un-zipped his fly, his cock sprang out, and Barbara and I both let out a gasp. It wasn't fully erect yet, and was probably already 8" and growing, and easily twice the girth of mine. Brian wriggled out of his pants and briefs quickly, and then proudly stood back with his enormous cock sticking out. Barbara reached out with her hands and played with it, gently stroking it up and down. She them leaned forward and kissed the large bulbous head, and started sucking it for all she was worth. She always gave me good head, and good easily deep-throat the whole length of my shaft. She could barely get 1/2 of Brian's big cock in her mouth, and repeatedly gagged as she tried to take more of him down her throat. Unbelievably, it grew bigger and thicker
to a full 9" long, and 3" thick.
I was feeling a little inadequate, and hesitated, because I knew if he fucked her pussy with that huge rod, there was no turning back, and things were never going to be the same for me and my marriage. My dick was puny compared to his. It was far too late, as Barbara eased his erect pecker out of her mouth, Brian pushed her back on the sofa and climbed between her legs. He toyed with her pussy a little at first, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slick slit. Then he pushed the head in spreading her pussy wide open. I could tell Barbara was scared, but she was also so horned up that she wanted it bad. She spread her legs wide and Brian slowly worked his tool into her. I must admit he was good at it, slowly allowing Barbara's tight pussy to accommodate his engorged member.
She started groaning as he penetrated deeper and deeper, and then all of a sudden she started bucking herself up to him, as he pushed in to the hilt. Once he was fully inside her, he started to pick up his pace, fucking her harder. Barbara starting shuddering and moaning, then yelled out for Brian to fuck her harder and harder. He readily complied and slammed his meat into her, pulling it all the way out, then plunging in deeply. His powerful body was like a steam engine piston, as he got a steady rhythm going. Barbara was now having multiple orgasms, and I never heard my wife speak like she now did, urging Brian to ram his big cock into her, and how good it felt to finally be fucked by a real man, how she loves his big cock.
This is where I lost control of the scene, things came undone, Brian took over, and I became a cuckold. I tried to ask Barbara if she was on the pill, and should he not come in her, but Brian told me to be shut-up, she was now his bitch, it was his pussy now, and he would do whatever he liked with my wife. I could say nothing. Brian then reached down and gripped each cheek of Barbara's ass with his hands, and fucked her harder and faster. He let out a loud grunt, and seemed to pause for a second before exploding deep inside her, emptying his seed with deep thrusts. Barbara's pussy was stretched wide open as he finally pulled his partially limp dick out of her. Immediately, he ordered her to clean his cock, and lick and clean his balls. I watched as my wife slurped his dripping come off his shaft, swallowing as she did. Then she sucked each of his hairy balls, and licked all up and down his cock, cleaning him as he ordered. After he was satisfied with her mouth and tongue work, he turned on me, telling me to be a good cuckold now and clean up his new bitch's pussy, saying he liked to fuck only clean pussy.
I was aghast. I had never even eaten my own come from Barbara's pussy, although I had tasted a little of my come by masturbating in my hand when I was younger. But another man's cum? I soon had no choice as Brian grabbed me forcibly and pushed me to my knees in front of my wife, who he told to lay back and spread her legs. My face was then pushed into my wife's sopping wet cunt oozing Brian's cum. I had no choice, and started licking it up. Deeper, Brian commanded. I sucked at her cunt and the cum gushed out into my mouth. Brian watched and made sure I swallowed all of it. I was filled with revulsion, but also freaking out because it actually tasted good after I got used to it, and got beyond the dirty aspect of it. After all, i had set this whole thing up, I became a willing cuckold.
Well, that was the first time for me for two things, watching my wife getting fucked by another man, with a much bigger cock, and eating another man's cum.
It's getting late now, and I have to go to bed. I will write about what happened next tomorrow night.


cuckold wife

Poster: john murphy