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Unsent letters and Confronting my wife about them
My wife had left some letters from when I was deployed a while back in a box that I found. As I read these I learned there had been much more to our cuckolding life than even I was aware of.
My wife had been planning it all along while I was in the desert and these letters she wrote but never sent to me proved it.
After I read the letter about her having sex with all the guys while she was working at her job at the hotel, I wondered just how many guys there had been and asked her about it. She had told me she never counted and it was water under the bridge.
This was all last summer when we talked about it, about a year ago. She said she wanted to make it right between us and had decided it was time to let me start eating her out more often. She said she knew I always wanted it, and she had always withheld it from me.
I asked her about maybe sucking my cock again more often (she used to all the time) and she said "maybe" let's see how it goes.
So the entire summer I was allowed to eat her out and she was very generous. I was eating her out three times a week, almost every week. She even let me have sex with her three or four times over the course of the summer.
I had to pull out of course or that would have been the last time.
She seemed to be enjoying the new arrangement, and I was loving it of course. She was hardly ever going out at night or to the casino even, only once in a while.
Of course there was a reason for all of it and I found out late in the summer the last week of August.
When I got home from work our mower was in the side yard, the grass was half cut. I went into the house and could hear them in our bedroom and I went down to it,the door wasn't even closed. There she was on the bed on her hands and knees with a young guy behind her and another in front with his cock in her mouth.
The one in her mouth looked at me but didn't slow down or anything, I think he almost waved hello. He was the kid from down the street that was mowing our lawn all summer. The one fucking her from behind turned his head and I recognized him as the older brother.
I stood and watched them as the two of them finished what they were doing with my wife, and when they were done, they just pulled on their pants and said so long as casual as if they had stopped over for a glass of milk or something.
My wife had rolled onto her back and was looking at me, she said I was home a little early, but it din't matter, her and the boys were just celebrating before the new school year started.
The older brother was going away to college this year after two years at a local community school. The younger one who was cutting our lawn,he was about to enter his first year of college.
After she took a nap & I took a shower we talked about it and she told me that she had been fucking them both all summer long, pretty much every day and usually more than once a day. Sometimes one and sometimes both of them together.
She told me the younger one with the thick cock could fuck her for three hours straight with out taking a break. The older one had a girlfriend and he wasn't always up to that amount of time, but he did his share.
I was not too shocked by all of it, knowing there had to be some reason she was staying home. I still didn't know why she was allowing me to go down on her, but she told me that night.
She told me that the younger brother was bi-curious and had agreed to let me suck his cock for her. She said I had been eating his left over cream pies all summer, I may as well suck his cock.
I had seen his cock that day, it was thick, not extremely long, but big enough. I told her I was not interested.
She said he wanted me to suck it and she wanted it too. I still said No, so she cut me off from both eating her out and of course any sex with me.
It took about two months for her to come up with a solution. I will write about it soon.


cuckold wife

Poster: Brian