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Groom cuckolded (developments!) 2
Well, carrying on from Groom cuckolded (developments) 1, things progressed rapidly. Naturally, hubby, my sister Sally & I had a pact of secrecy, where no way would Sally's hubby know that he was to become the 'ultimate cuckold', where the stud breeds the wife, with the TOTAL consent of the cuckoldress! Of course, there was no guarantee that Sally would actually conceive; in my case many years ago, we'd actually TIMED our wedding & honeymoon to try & coincide with my ovulation, & as you all know, the timing was perfect in that I DID get pregnant on my honeymoon, except that it was my lover (the PERFECT stud!) who bred me, & NOT my bridegroom!
But Sally recognised that, also admitting that even if she did not conceive, (& these were her very words), "So even if I'm not bred, t'would be lovely having that big blond cock inside me over & over again!".
And almost as an act of family bonding, I narrated the incidents of the hot Lambada dancing---my fabulous honeymoon, & would you believe it, hubby once more turned on, began feeling himself through his trousers; almost openly. "Go on", I suggested, "Do now what you used to do when I was with Martin!". So quite openly, he pulled out his erection (small as always, but for sure, hard it was!), & quite openly in front of me & my sister, began his furious masturbate, as I described how, on that first evening Martin & I did that obscene love dance in our hotel room, with his tongue inside my mouth! Hubby shot his load into the Financial Times, which we'd not even OPENED, let alone read-----
Well, it was fixed. Sally tried to work out her cycle as best she could i.e. when she thought she'd be most fertile to receive Martin's wonderful 'love' inside her womb! It was naturally to her advantage that Martin was an extremely virile stud, having bred quite a few married ladies already!
Well, September last year, he came over. Sally told 'poor' hubby that she wanted to spend time with us, as there was work to be done at our place, & that she had the knowledge & skills to contribute greatly; little Martin was to spend that time at his nan's! The 3 of us at the airport were there to greet him, & even 6 years or so later, he was as gorgeous as ever---in the airport car park, I turned my head back, wanting 'his attention', & in full view of my hubby & sister, he sweetly put his tongue in my mouth---like old-times it was! After a couple of minutes of French kissing, he, quite rightly, turned his attention to my sister, & we watched in delight as blond Martin & my sister had a nice long slow French kiss! I remarked, "You 2 look so so beautiful together---you'll make a lovely baby!"
Well, what can I say? The next week, on our marital bed, Martin & my sister were at it like animals---she like a 'bitch on heat'! We felt it discreet to stay downstairs, getting assurances by her obvious cries of delight, as this stud was bringing her off over & over again! Indeed, she once told me that she'd really have LOVED for her blond stud to come in her mouth, but his semen was too precious to kinda 'waste' in her mouth---her receptive womb was what he was there for, after all! At this stage, the 4 of us were 'very close' as such, & pretty sure, had hubby & I asked, whether we could watch them making love, they would have agreed. This 'closeness' was proved with what my sister next told me, albeit blushingly----she said it had always been a fantasy of hers to watch a man sucking another man's cock; & yes, she'd watched gay male videos on-line. Later that day, I told hubby this, & hubby, maybe not too surprisingly said, "I'd suck Martin's cock, if he wanted it sucked by me!" And later still, in the pub (the 2 blokes together, Martin taking a break from his stud-duties), my hubby told Martin this---maybe surprisingly, Martin agreed! So that evening, the first time all 4 of us in our bedroom together, me being the only fully dressed person there, my sis & I watched in awe as my husband knelt on the carpet before this blond god, & slowly & lovingly began his cock gobble. I knew not where to look---at the gay sex act, or at my sister, who had the middle finger of her right hand between her legs, the finger moving about furiously, her face a 'picture of lust', her fantasy come true! It also has to be said, my sister, maybe not so tactfully, said aloud, "God, to see one cock SO big, & the other SO average---". No guessing as to WHICH cock was big, & which NOT! Of course, there were conditions, so after a few minutes of this disgusting behaviour, my sister lay back on the bed, ready to perform. Martin moved in between her opened thighs---the first time we'd actually watched them making love; and it was so so beautiful, the way my sister's high heeled legs bent up, her heels pointing to the ceiling, this way affording the DEEPEST penetration; the way the blond stud moved swiftly & strongly between her thighs, ensuring her pleasure was maybe even more important than his own! The way they would lovingly French kiss as they 'made their baby'! Sally's orgasms followed one another, so so loud, & it was scary, 'cos when he was about to 'give', she yelled out "Darling, I love you---give me your baby, I want your baby!". Let alone hubby, even I was pleasuring myself then, watching this exhibition in 'baby breeding lust'!
Well, that was nearly 6 months back, & Sally's bump is now getting quite prominent; & she told us that she felt that the actual conception took place the time we watched them at it---her gut feeling; to which, I quite cleverly suggested, "Well, that being the case, the next time either you or I want Martin's baby, he would need to make love to us with ALL the others present, watching & masturbating!". Needless to say, hubby AND my sister agreed!
Again LOVE reading follow-up letters from earlier cuckolding incidents, SPECIALLY when they involve cuckold breeding!


cuckold wife

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