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Camping with My Wife - She Showered A LOT
My wife & I were on a week long camping trip & were camped in a nice quiet spot near the tree line of the camp grounds. On the 2nd day a large group of 4 families arrived & set up camp further along but they had to walk past our camp every time they wanted to use the amenities which were down the way a bit.
After a few walk byes the men would give a bit of a wave & then after a while they would stop for a quick chat before walking on. It was after our 3rd night the chats got longer & I noticed that they were getting a bit more obvious about talking more with my wife & they were staying longer at our camp. At one time I came back to my camp to find the guys sitting with my wife, chatting & laughing & I saw my wife indicating what looked to be the size of something with her fingers but they quickly stopped when they saw me.
The next morning I wondered why my wife took over an hour for her shower when she normally was only gone about 20minutes. I shrugged it off & thought no more of it until she went for another shower before dinner that evening & was gone for over an hour again. It happened again the next morning & evening & still I said nothing as I just let it slide, even though her last shower was for just under 2 hours.. That night I was feeling a bit frisky so I rolled over & started to play with her pussy & noticed it was really wet & just said to her that she must've been really horny, she agreed & I fucked her very wet pussy which seemed very loose, I came very quickly as usual & went to sleep.
The next morning I woke & my wife wasn't in the tent & then I heard voices outside & through an opening I seen her at the table chatting to one of the guys & telling him that she was extremely happy that she plucked up the courage to ask him for a fuck & it was a bonus that he had told his mates & that they wanted to fuck her as well. I then heard him say "well the guys & I were wondering that now you have fucked the 4 of us individually if you would like to fuck the 4 of us together, our wives & kids have going into town for supplies & we will have our camp to ourselves this morning. What do you think, would you like that?" I was shocked but it all fell into place as to why she was gone so long & so often at the showers.
My wife & I have been married for 19years & we are both 50 years old. She is very attractive, big boobs & butt & very cuddly. She has told me that she had had over 100 different guys before me & was very experienced, myself on the other hand was previously married to the only girl I have ever been with, am overweight & only a small appendage of just 4" & as I found out later, I didn't know how to use it.
Anyway back to the matter at hand. My wife very quickly responded "hell yes, that would be awesome, it has been over 20 yrs since I've done that. When can I come over?" He replied, "now if you like, they've gone already". My wife says that she'll leave a note saying she went to town with their wives while I was sleeping in. She left straight after writing the note wearing just her sarong.
I waited 5 minutes, got out & crept over toward their camp. I found a close by, secluded spot where I could hear & see them & I could see that they wasted no time in starting & my wife was already on her knees on a mattress they had laid out. She had a cock in her mouth & both her hands going from cock to cock, alternating between the 4 of them. One of the guys said he was about to cum & my wife said "don't waste it" & she laid on the mattress & he quickly shoved his cock in here & blew his load. "Who's next” she says & they started to pound her in turn as they blew their loads in her pussy.
When finished they sit around on their chairs as my wife lays on her back & I can see loads of cum leaking from her pussy & the conversation started. I heard my wife telling them how great the last few days have been with having them fuck her. One guy said that they were all lucky to be able to each fuck her & that had been the only time any of them had strayed from their own wives. Another guy asked her how awesome it is that she can fuck for over an hour & was able to do him after his friend had fucked her. That guy didn't know that & they laughed saying how greedy he was for sneaking back in & getting 2 fucks alone with her.
They asked her about her own sex life & she told them that my cock was only 4" erect & that it didn't satisfy her but she did say how much she loved me, which I was really glad to hear. She also said that I was very good at sex & was very fast & finished very quickly. She also said that she has been fucking an old boyfriend of hers at least twice a month for the last 10 years since he moved back to town & that I never knew that she was doing that. He has an 8 and half inch really fat cock that she cannot give up even though he's not a man she can love, he's just really good at fucking her. She told each of them that their cocks were all fantastic & loved their stamina & amount of cum they produced. She then sits up & plays with a guys cock saying that being the smallest of them at over 6" that she would get him hard again 1st as she wants them to fuck her again. My wife then leans in & deep throats him until hard & she got him to lay on his back & she straddled his cock & started to ride him as he sucked her tits. The other guys started playing with themselves & 2 went & stood beside her & she sucked on their cocks as she rode the other. The one to her right says that he's gonna blow & my wife sucks his whole cock in as he empties his balls into her mouth. She has never done that for me. The one guy left out then gets up & kneels behind my wife & pushes her onto her elbows as the guy beneath continues to fuck her pussy. This guy then places his cock at her ass hole & begins to push his cock into her ass. My wife is now moaning very loudly & saying how much she is loving being so full of these cocks. The guy beneath cant hold any longer & he fills her pussy. Hen then slides out as her ass is pounded more harder as he holds her hips & plunges in once last time & in loads in her ass. He continues slowly pushing in & out & stays hard, he then pulls out goes to the sink & washes his cock, the guy that hasn't yet had 2nds gets behind her quickly & pushes his cock into her ass as well & it slides straight in very easily. After the guy had washed his cock he sits in front of my wife & guides her mouth to his cock & she starts to give him an awesome blowjob as she has her ass pounded.
It was then that I noticed at the side of our camp, a ranger (they call into camps to check that fees are paid up) & as he looks up he sees them all in various positions around my wife & they see the ranger as well but my wife had not noticed as yet & the guy in her ass put his finger to his mouth to keep them quiet & he waved the ranger over behind him. The ranger stood behind & watched in amazement at the site before him as the guy grabbed my wife's hips & fucked her ass harder still as she continues to suck the cock of the other & unloads his balls into her ass as she swallows the load of the cock she's sucking. As he is pulling slowly out of her ass he indicates to the ranger if he wants in & the ranger drops his shorts to reveal a massive fat 9" cock That the 4 guys just stare in awe at it. Ranger kneels down behind my wife & places the tip of his cock at her pussy & slowly pushes his huge cock in, very, very, slowly. My wife then lets the cock she is still sucking fall from her mouth & says "WOW this feels amazing guys, what are you putting in me?" Ranger grabs her hips & pulls almost completely out & then plunges straight back in with the whole width & length & one of the guys grabs her face to keep it straight out front & guides it to his cock to get sucked again. Ranger is pounding my wife extremely hard & I am wondering how she is not hurting & then with one final hard thrust the ranger unloads a torrent of cum into my wife's well fucked pussy. She pulls her head up & off the other cock & turns her head to see a complete stranger & a ranger at that, buried up to his balls & cumming in her pussy. She says " I should be fucking furious with this & with you ranger but that was an awesome fuck & thankyou so very much".
My wife then rolls over onto her back & lays there completely naked with 5 guys sitting around her, cum leaking from all holes & an exhausted look on her face. One of the guys says that she had better leave now as the families will be back shortly. She says but she had left a note for her husband saying she went to town with your wives & what should she do now as her husband will be out & about now as well. The ranger stands up next to my wife & says that she should sneak out back with him & come back to her camp with him & make some excuse that her hubby will believe. My wife reaches up & grabs his cock & tells him that she owes him one. They all thank my wife with hugs & passionate mouth kisses & I snuck off before I was noticed.
I get back to camp, have a well earnt wank , grab my soap & head off to the showers. When I get there, I hear moaning from the ladies block & I stand on the toilet & peek over the wall to see my wife up against the wall with the ranger fucking her just as hard as before from behind for a good 10 minutes before he fills her pussy again with another load of cum. He then slowly backed away & sat on the bench & my wife got on her knees between his legs & put his spent cock in her mouth he grabs he & pulls her off to her dislike, he told her that he's fucked & needs a break & called her his little slut. She said that she cant get enough of his huge cock & wants more. (she had now been fucking for over 3 hrs in total this morning) The ranger tell her that she can have his phone number & to call anytime. My wife's phone rang 5 more times over the next 2 days that we stayed at the camp ground & I am sure that she still sees him every now & then since as well as most likely still fucking her ex boyfriend. My eyes were completely opened that week with my wife's escapades & I very often wank to my memories as my wife now only has sex with me on my birthday & Christmas days, she says she doesn't feel like sex any more. I did come home from work one day a bit earlier than usual & seen a rangers car in the driveway. We are going back camping to the same place in a couple of months & I know my wife cant wait.


cuckold wife

Poster: Lyle