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Her bull and his brother
My wife's lover, David, had been rushed to hospital for an emergency appendectomy and now, one week later, she was preparing herself, to visit him. He'd been home, in Belfast, for four days now and the phone calls and texts had been bouncing back and forth between them.
I'd watched as he'd made her cum, just by talking over the phone. She was truly besotted by him and took every chance she could get to fuck him. Over the past year it had settled down to Saturday night stop-overs at our house,when they rode each other to exhaustion. This was followed by a Sunday afternoon session in his car, where he fucked her hard while I sat in our car, wanking, while watching his car rocking madly. Then another car session on Wednesday nights.
Basically, he was riding my wife ten to twelve times a week and we all loved it. There was no danger of her becoming pregnant as he'd had the snip a couple of years ago. Sue wasn't on the pill but on the odd occasion when we had sex she couldn't seem to get pregnant. That was the reason for Sue's fascination with him. His cock was just over seven inches and nice and thick but it never got soft. He could cum in her and just keep on screwing, without going soft. If he did take a break, a kiss or glide of her hand across his groin and it sprang to life again.
Of course, the fact that Sue is tall, with legs that never stopped, 36BB boobs and a tight ass, helped things along. She has short blonde hair, green flashing eyes and a wicked sense of humour. In a way I was grateful to David, for, since he'd come on the scene, she'd stopped looking for other cocks to fill her moist slit.
Now, as we drove off, I glanced over at her. Her hair and make-up were perfect and the dark red lipstick drew your eyes down to her full lips. Beneath her jacket a low cut black blouse showed off her full tits, while a short black skirt tried to cover her bare legs.
" God, I'm a bit nervous, we've never been to his house before, what if there's someone there?"
"Then we'll just pass ourselves off as friends of his and leave," I suggested.
"That's no good, then he doesn't get to ride me," she almost whined.
The conversation during the rest of the journey continued in this vein and I was glad to escape the car when we pulled up in front of the house. Sue knocked on the door and a slightly drawn looking David opened it.
"Sorry I took so long, still a bit sore when I walk," he explained.
Any thoughts of what the neighbours might think went out the window as Sue draped her arms over his shoulders and gave him lots of kisses, all the time murmuring, " poor baby." Davids robe had swung open and I saw his penis spring to attention, " lets get inside," I pleaded, shoving them slowly down the hall.
David broke the clinch and, with Sue holding on to his erect cock for dear life, he led the way into his living room." Make yourselves at home," he said, as he lowered himself gingerly on to the sofa. His robe was now forgotten, revealing his hard muscular body and hairy chest, which Sue loved when it rubbed against her nipples. He was actually slightly shorter than Sue but more than able to dominate her in bed and turn her into his slut as soon as his cock entered her.
Now he lay back and ripped open her blouse as she bent over him. A half whimper slid out of her lips as he undid her bra and her large tits swung free. She gave him each in turn in his mouth, even as his fingers pulled her panties aside and played with her squishy pussy.
Sue looked over at me, " Tim, I love his chest and his cock and how he fucks me. Why don't you take your wee prick out and play with it?" They both looked on and smirked as I did just that.
"Tim, come over here and hold my cock, see what a real one feels like. Come on", he instructed. Trying to look reluctant I went over and now had a cock in each hand. His and mine. His half as long again and almost twice as thick as mine. I wanked both of them slowly and was just getting a nice rhythm going when Sue pushed me away, "Naughty, naughty, you know this one's mine she purred.
At that she knelt in front of the sofa and started to suck her boyfriend's cock. She did it slowly, swallowing the hard shaft, with her eyes ckosed, while David tweaked her hard nipples. Her skirt had ridden over hips by now, and her glistening pussy peaked out the side of her panties. David caught my eye and indicated that I should take my wife's panties off. I slid them slowly off while she never broke her stroke, dreaming of the moment this lovely cock would enter her. Then he dropped the bomb.
"I can't fuck you for a while, in case I open the stitches, you're just too much of a mad ride," he explained.
"Why don't you let Tim lick you off and I'll shoot over your face," he could see the disappointment in that lovely face that he was going to cover in spunk." I'll make it up to you, you can come here for a weekend, on your own," he emphasised the own.
"Oh God Tim, I'm going to have a whole fucking weekend with David, lick my pussy and wank your little prick.
She sucked him like a woman possessed while I gave her repeat orgasms with my tongue. I knew she was coming hard because she wet herself slightly with each orgasm and I got a misture of cum and urine to lick from her pussy and the insides of her legs.
With a groan, David plopped his cock out of my wife's mouth and started to shoot long ropy strands of spunk over her eyes and mouth. Sue now had the mother of all cums, bucking against my mouth as I slurped and licked at her pussy. With a final tug I shot over the back of Sue's calves.
Our combined orgasms had prevented us from hearing the front door open and now the living room door opened and framed what was a younger version of David, staring at the scene before him in amusement." Is this her Dave, your ride, great tits and look at that ass?"

* * * * *

"Guys, this is Simon, my brother," a very amused David said.
Aware that her tits, ass and pussy were in plain view and it was now to late to do anything about it, Sue walked over to the visitor and introduced herself. "I'm Sue, your brother's girlfriend and this," with a nod at me, "is my husband. Now, could you show me where the bathroom is, so I can get cleaned up?" David's jism was dripping off her cheeks on to her glistening breasts as she spoke and Simon smiled at her cockiness as he led her away.
I had pulled my trousers back up and while we waited for them to return, David explained to me that his brother had broken up with his girlfriend and was staying with him for a few weeks. I asked why they had broken up and couldn't believe it when he calmly told me that Simon had caught her in bed with David and totally blamed her for everything. Long live brotherly love.
They still hadn't come back from the bathroom and David must have read my mind when he said," he's probably playing with those big titties now, trying to get her to fuck him." Moments later, a very flushed Sue and Simon, with the front of his jeans like a tent entered the room. She still wore her skirt and I watched in disbelief as Simon reached around and opened it. With a shy glance at David, Sue stepped out of it and was now totally naked.
Licking her lips she stammered," Since you can't do me today and I really need it; we were wondering if Simon could shaft me?"
"Please David," Simon chipped in.
David looked into Sue's eyes, " he's nineteen. Do you really want a nineteen year old cock in you," he asked?
Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, Sue just nodded. " Well, lets do this right then," I could see a twinkle in David's eyes as he spoke."Tim, put on Sue's panties and then kneel in front of my brother and ask him to fuck your wife."
Unable to resist I found myself kneeling in front of Simon and asking him to fuck my wife. He smiled, patted me on the head and sat back on an armchair unzipping a raging thick cock as he did. With a squeal of delight Sue knelt in front of him and started sucking him off. The sight of my wife's pert little ass swaying from side to side was more than David could resist and he knelt behind her and slowly eased his hard again cock into her leaking pussy. A fat cock in both holes was more than Sue could stand and she began to squeal and buck as the cums hit her.
This was too much for David's delicate state and to my surprise he motioned me over and indicated I should ride my wife.I pulled the panties I was wearing to one side, got behind her and slipped my cock in her soaking twat. She tensed when she realised what was happening but Simon started to fuck her mouth and that took all her attention.
Simon was standing beside me as I started to slide back and forward and as he turned to get a good look at Sues pussy his cock bumped against my lips and I opened up and took it in my mouth. It felt so good, filling my mouth completely, that I lost my load in my wife's pussy almost at once. Realising what happened David walked away laughing and Simon, who had seen the whole thing, couldn't believe that I had cum.
He stood up and taking Sue by the hand, announced he was taking her to his room to, "fuck her stupid." Sue shot me a look of pure triumph as she passed, with my cum running down her legs.
David held his hand up, askingfor my silence, until the bed in the room next door began squeaking in a slow rhythm." You had to ride her, before him, you know?" When I still looked puzzled he continued on. " His nineteen year old balls are full of thousands of little swimmers, all waiting to dart into Sue's womb. This way, if anything happens, you've both been at her". He smiled as if he'd just helped a child to unlock a puzzle.
Seeing my look of horror, he decided to distract me by playing with his still hard cock. "Come on over here and sort this out," he said,nodding at his hardon. Hating myself, I slipped over and kneeling down started to wank him off. Soon I was concentrating on giving him a really good wank and I hardly noticed his hand pushing my head towards his cock. It slipped in my mouth again and I sucked and wanked him for all I was worth. Imagine my joy as I felt his hand close around my semi hard tool and guide it back to being erect. I managed to hold back my orgasm, until I felt his balls tighten in my cupped palm and then as he shot down my throat I felt my own balls let go. That was when David jerked his hand away and held my head with both hands until I had swallowed every drop.
"Don't want you saying I wanked you off, because I stopped before you shot your load. So remember that", he seemed very anxious to get the facts straight. I nodded and plopped down in a chair, only then registering that the bed next door was still squeaking away and Sue's moans were matching its rhythm.

* * * * *

Still weak from the operation, David shuffled off to bed, leaving me alone, naked on the chair, except for my wife's sheer black panties. Fascinated by the sounds coming from the bedroom, next door, I crept down the hall, only to find the room door wide open as if inviting an audience. I peeped round the door jamb and saw raw sex in action.
Simon had Sue on her back, with two pillows beneath her ass to tilt her cunt to the right angle. Her long legs were locked over his shoulders and her tits heaved as she gasped with each stroke of his cock. He kept his weight on both arms as he slammed his soaking cock into her soaking fanny again and again. The wet squishing sounds it made told me that Sue hac had multiple cums and that her juices were leaking from her.
"It's like driving your dick into warm honey, what a ride," Simon appeared to be sharing that with both of us. In response Sue wiggled her lovely ass, trying to take him in even further." Aaah God, he's bumping against my cervix," she wailed as more cums shook her entire body.
Now,Simon slid her legs from his shoulders and pushed her knees up, until they were pushing against her full tits. This opened her pussy up, even more, to his thrusts and he started to really slam her, faster and faster.
"Cup his balls in your hand," Sue hissed at me, " I want you to feel them tighten when he starts to pump his young spunk into my womb,"
I came over and gingerly slid my hand beneath his testicles, which were soaking with Sue's love juices.This seemed to set him off for he began to fuck her furiously, making her cry out in ecstacy as she came and came again. Suddenly, his buttocks clenched and he drove his cock right up her." Put a baby in me," Sue whimpered as she felt him start to cum. He let out a strangled roar as I felt his balls tighten and then spasm again and again as he shot load, after load, in her womb.
Totally wrecked, he collapsed on her heaving chest and she smothered his dark curls with kisses. My main worry was that his cock was still in her fanny, which was now full of his spunk.Tactfully as I could I rolledhim off her and helped her rise to her feet. She almost collapsed back onto the bed, the fucking had worn her out but I helped her down the hall to the bathroom and waited outside until she had cleaned herself up.
When she came out I got a good look at her. Her hair was stuck to her head with sweat and David's cum, some of which had dried on her tits.Simon's cum was mixing with her own juices and still running down her long legs and despite all this she still looked sexy as hell!
I let her go back to the bedroom to say her goodbyes and I went into the living room to get dressed. When I'd done this I gathered her clothes up and brought them into her. Simon was dressed now and they broke off from kissing to allow Sue to put on her skirt and top. Her pants were beyond wearing again.
As we moved towards the front door I noticed Simon close behind and that was when Sue announced, " Simon's bed's not fit to be slept in tonight so I told him he can stay in our house tonight!"
They walked to the car, hand in hand, leaving me to follow in disbelief.

* * * * *


cuckold wife

Poster: Paul Johnson