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Dan the Man
I met Megan through a friend of a friend as they set us up on a blind date. We clicked right away and I was happy with her short, Italian frame with a nice ass and huge tits.

Megan seemed conservative on the first date, but a few drinks into the second date and she started to loosen up. By the ended it, she invited me back to her place.

The sex was amazing! She liked it hard and I enjoyed seeing those large tits bounce around as I fucked her.

I also noticed while I was fucking her, she slid a finger and then two into her pussy while we fucked. I know I’m below average in length and girth, so that might have ruined my confidence at the time; but, I was just happy to get laid.

I was at her house pretty much every night the next month, though one night she came by my place before we went to dinner. I usually watch porn and masturbate before our dates so I can last longer.

Megan arrived earlier than expected, so I was in the shower when she came in. I didn’t think much of it, leaving the door unlocked just in case.

What I forgot is that I left the porn up on my computer! And when she went to use it, I had cuckold porn up.

When I got out of the shower, she asked me about it. Embarrassed, I explained my past – from being cuckolded by my first girlfriend to my last friends with benefits fucking other guys at my request.

Megan said thought it was weird, but kept asking about it for the rest of the night. She wanted to know how I found out about it, why I enjoyed it and how it all worked for me in the past.

After a vigorous round of fucking that night, I asked her if she was still thinking about it. Megan said she’s not sure she could do it, but that she wasn’t over her ex, Dan. She said she didn’t know how to even ask him and that it didn’t matter anyways because he had a girlfriend.

The next few days, I noticed her phone was basically attached to her hip and she was texting all the time. I didn’t push to ask what that was about, but had a general idea when she had more pep in her step.

I was invited to another friend’s poker night. It was the first night in more than two weeks that I wouldn’t be spending with Megan. She told me to have fun and that’s she’d find something to do.

After that night, I was invited back for weekly games and Megan didn’t care. She seemed to be excited about it.

A couple of months later, I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom at Megan’s place. She had left her phone in there and had a message on it.

It was from her ex-boyfriend! I opened it up and there was months of texting, dating back to the night after she found out about cuckolding from me.

I read through the whole history, only to see her say my dick wasn’t big enough to satisfy her like his. They both mocked my size and I felt crushed.

I kept scrolling until I came across their sexting and my mouth literally dropped. He had sent her a naked selfie from the bathroom and he was huge!

He was six feet and four inches and in great shape as a body builder. His cock hung between his legs, halfway down his thigh. In the next pic, he was hard and had to be a good eight inches and as thick as a bottle of water.

I came out of the bathroom shaking and yet my dick rock hard. I woke up Megan and asked her about the texts.

She admitted to it all, showing no signs of remorse. They had been hooking up since I started going to weekly poker after she reached out to him. She added she thought I would be OK with it after learning my past.

Megan asked if I saw any of their sexts and I said I did. She then said I had to understand I could never satisfy her like Dan does.

I told her to tell me about her ex and their sex sessions as I undressed her. She quickly took my cock in her mouth, balls deep.

After, she smiled saying she couldn’t do that with Dan because his dick is too big. I flipped her over and started fucking her as hard as I could

Megan kept telling me how Dan would come over every poker night and wear her out, reaching spots in her pussy that my cock never will. She added that she was surprised I never noticed when she was looser after his 10-inch cock destroyed her.

I said there was no way he was 10 inches. She laughed, hopped off me and grabbed her phone.

Megan pulled up a photo and it was his cock next to a ruler; and sure enough, it was as big as she said. They took the picture to show me, but she never had the courage to do so until confronted.

She then grabbed the ruler and put it next to my dick. It wasn’t even half of Dan’s size. She took a picture and texted it to him with the message, “Ha!”

That made my dick throb as I took her on the bed. I fucked her harder and longer than I ever had before.

By then end of it, she said that I had never fucked her that well before. Megan added, but never as well as Dan.

Megan continued to see Dan every poker night until his girlfriend found out. Soon after, Dan ended it with Megan. She broke up with me not too much later saying that she knew now that I could never really satisfy her sexually and didn’t feel comfortable cuckolding me with a stranger.


cuckold wife

Poster: Mark