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My First Time Cheating on My Husband
I have been a RN for just over 14 years, and over that time I have watched the number of male nurses’ increase. When I first started, most of the men in the hospital worked as transporters or assistants, and thus were under the direct supervision of the registered nurses. Most of the RNs I have known have been gay and pretty much acted like “one of the girls.” About 6 months ago, I started a new job and was amazed that unlike my former co-workers, the male nurses on this unit were young and hot.

I am not over the hill, but at 36 with 3 kids and a marriage which is pretty much on autopilot, I see a difference between myself and the 27 year old guys who work 3 to 11 with me. While there is some variation, most evenings we are staffed with Mike and Tim and Gale and myself. After the 8 pm medications are passed, things generally settle down a little bit and we have time to spend in the nurses station. Up until this position, I had worked labor and delivery and it was all girls all the time. We would set and talk about everything, our kids, our sex lives, our bodies, just whatever. With a 50/50 mix, the chit-chat was more superficial for the first several months. Tim and I started at the same time. Gale had worked on the unit since she had graduated from nursing school 8 years ago. She is a couple years younger than I am, and is usually “in charge” because she has more experience on this unit. Before Mike came on board, it had been three gals and Tim. When Julie left and Mike was hired, the unit shifted from 3 to 1, with Tim as the odd man out, to two pairs. Mike and Jim are both single. Gale has been divorced for 5 years. Needless to say, there is quite a bit of flirting that goes on. Mike hit it up with Gale almost as soon as he arrived. Up until 4 weeks ago, Jim had been dating, so we used to cover for Mike and Gale when they would take their extra long “smoking breaks.”

When Jim was going steady with his ex-girl friend, she would come to pick him up from work and the four of them would go out together after the shift ended at 11 pm. Although everybody was always asleep when I got home, I would never go out with them. Being the 5th wheel has never been very much fun for me. When Jim and Julie broke up, the three of them ganged up on me and insisted that I join them for a quick after work drink. I declined, but Mike said that if I did not join them then Jim would not go and nobody would have fun. So reluctantly, I went long with them.

It had been several years since I had gone out at night with my husband Joe, let alone anybody else from work. It only took an hour or so until the first couple drinks kicked in and I started having a good time. We told stories and jokes, drank and danced, before long it was almost 2 am and closing time. We had switched to cokes at 12:30 and I was sober before we were ready to leave. We all had to be back to work at 2:30 pm, so none of us got really “drunk” just a couple drinks to get a little buzz. Gale gave me a hug and thanked me for joining them. Mike gave me a little hug on the shoulder and a pick on the cheek. Tim took full advantage of his “turn” and hugged me face on, holding me for just a moment “too long” he whispered in my ear, “thanks I didn’t need to be alone tonight.”

He looked so pitiful. I had spent more time with Tim, due to Gale and Mike’s antics. He was somewhat younger than I was and reminded me for all the world of the guy who had taken my virginity when I was in nursing school. Mike and Gale had turned and walked away moments earlier. “Do you need to talk?” I asked instinctively. He looked down and then away. I took him by the hand, “let’s walk for a while.” We walked a couple of blocks down and started back. “Do you want to get some breakfast?” Tim asked softly. I had been off work for over 3 hours and my cell phone had not rung. That meant that hubbie was fast asleep. He I not been home by midnight, he would have called if he were awake. He is not possessive; he is just concerned for my safety when I am out. I was kind of hungry, “sure” I answered. We agreed to go to IHOP for a quick breakfast. We took separate cars and it was not long before we were pulling into the parking lot.

The breakfast was slow and lingering. This first night out ended with another hug and a quick drive home. I had done nothing wrong I reasoned. He was a friend, he was hurting, I had just listened to his pain. I got home it was not quite 3:30. I scrawled a note to hubbie and told him that I had worked over. I told him that I would be sleeping in the guest room so as to not wake him, and so I could sleep in the morning. I showered, changed and a then crawled into the clean soft sheets of the bed in guest bedroom. I was soon fast asleep, but drifted in and out, waking to find my hands between my legs. About the third time I awoke, I decided that I had better do the job right, or I would not get any sleep. As I rubbed my pussy and toyed with my clit, I soon found myself thinking of Tim and pulling on my nipples. Within a couple of minutes, I came violently. In 14 years of marriage, I had played with myself plenty of times, I had fantasized about porn stars, guys seen on the beach or any number of TV stars, but this was the first time that I had got off thinking about a co-worker. I drifted off into a deep sleep, and before I knew it my husband had slipped into bed next to me and informed me that it was 1:30 and he was afraid that I would miss work if I did not wake up. I gave him a kiss and thanked him. “Did you have a hard night?” He asked, continuing with “I’m sorry I didn’t wake up. I tried to but fell asleep during Leno’s monologue.” “It’s just as well” I answered, “things were crazy last night.”

Things went on pretty much the same for the next couple of weeks. Three or more times a week, the four of us would do out after work. Sometimes for just a quick drink and then home by midnight. A couple times a week we would stay out until 2 or later. The breakfast deal was not repeated, as things had quickly moved from Tim the depressed, rejected lover to Tim the fun loving flirt. The evenings still ended with a hug and more often than not a quick kiss on the cheek. Finally, one Saturday night I arrived at work to find that the censes was down and two of us had to be canceled. Normally, I would have been called off while at home, but I had gone out shopping and left my cell phone at home. Gale was in charge as usual, and of course, she could not go. If she stayed that meant Mike stayed. “Looks like you two get the night off!” she said as Tim talked in the door. “Works for me” Tim said grinning, “how about you, want to go do something for a few hours?” I felt like I was 21 again. “Sure, I’d love to, but I’m not exactly dressed for a good time” I said. “Ok, let’s go to the mall!”

Soon we were in his Mazda heading from Marietta to Atlanta. I did not want to risk running into anybody we knew. We ended up at the Peachtree. Tim took me into one of the little shops. “Oh I could not afford anything from here!” I gasped as I read the price tag. “It’s on me!” Tim quipped. “You’ve been a real life saver.” He handed me this low cut, backless dress. “Try this on” he insisted. I finally gave in, “It’s perfect.” He exclaimed as I walked out of the dressing room. “Do you like it?” he asked. “I like it just fine,” I said, “but I really can’t” “We’ll take it.” he said “she’ll wear it out.” But I don’t have any..” “shoes?” He cut me off again as he held up a pair of sandals that were a perfect match.
He paid for the clothes and we headed across the court to get his new outfit. We ran the bags with the scrubs we had worn to work back to the car. “What am I doing” I asked myself “this is crazy.” He opened the trunk and said, “now let’s get something to eat!” he headed back into the Peachtree and I followed closely to the glass elevators. When the doors opened, we were high atop the tower in the Sundial restaurant. The middle row of booths is on a turnstile, which turns once an hour providing a perfect view of Atlanta. “God, I can not remember the last time we did something anything close to this” I thought to my self. “This is wonderful,” I said to Tim. “I’m glad you like it.” He was setting next to me in the middle of the booth, providing us both a great shared view.
He was setting close enough to see down the top of the low cut dress. Normally, I would have found just the right type of bra, but given the situation, I was braless. I had caught him looking down my scrub tops from time to time at work when we were working across a bed from one another. I enjoyed the attention. In fact I went out of my way to find just the perfect top which would bunch as I bent forward revealing my lacy bras. This was even more exciting. No man had seen my naked breasts since the birth of my children had enlarged them. Were my panties getting wet, or was it just my imagination?

All too soon the check came and we headed for the elevator. “What would you like to do now?” he said as he moved behind me and whispered into my ear as I admired the view on the way down. “Oh, Tim, you would not believe me if I told you!” I thought out loud, not realizing that the words had actually been spoken. There was a nice lounge on the first floor. We stepped off the elevator and Tim took my hand as he led to me to lounge. He ordered our drinks and after the second round. He excused himself and returned after what seemed to be an eternity. After some more small talk, we got up to leave. He took me by the hand and led me to another set of elevators; these were in the hotel section of the towers. We reached the room door and as he unlocked the door, I realized where he had gone when he left the lounge.
We entered the room, and Tim went straight to the bathroom. He started the shower and left the room door open while he got undressed. It was up to me now. He had not said a word, but the invitation was clear. I could join him or not. He had not propositioned me, but I had been seduced. I undid the dress and let it fall to my feet. I picked it up and placed it on a hanger, and then stepped out of my panties. His eyes met mine as I stepped into the shower. I lifted my chin and he lowered his face to meet my lips as he slid his hands around me and brought me close to his body. His hands were on my ass now as his tongue explored my mouth. I felt his penis against my stomach. With the steam in the room, I had not seen his member when I stepped into the shower. I could feel it though, it was large and hard. His hands were on my back, my shoulders. He turned me around and the water now streamed down my breast and stomach as his manhood now against my ass and his hands firmly on my breasts. His hands washed my body. “Close you eyes” he said. I complied and soon he was washing my hair. My legs were going weak. As I turned to rinse my hair, I could no longer resist. Once the shampoo was out of my eyes, I reached down and found his cock. It was still engorged. I nearly gasped as I found that I could not close my fingers around it’s width. I resisted the urge to look down, but I did move my other hand down to his penis. I could easily fit one hand on top of the other without covering the whole shaft. “Oh my god! This must be over eight inches long!” I thought to myself. Now it was my turn to plunge my tounge into his mouth. I moved closer to him, forcing his cock into my stomach. We kissed and explored each others body. He pulled away and stepped out of the shower. I turned out the water and was met with an open towel as I moved to step out. He dried my wet body off. Then we moved to the bedroom. The curtains were open. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. His dick found its way into my wetness with no assistance as he moved to the wall and drove himself in deeper. He held me up and fucked me until I came and then turned and we fell into the bed, seemingly repositioning ourselves without missing a stroke. It had been years since I had been with anybody but my husband. He had encouraged me to buy sex toys and I had once on impulse bought a dildo nearly as large as Tim’s cock. But it was more than I could comfortably enjoy. I had long ago found a 7” dildo was seemingly optimal, to my dismay, as my husband’s cock is almost exactly the “average” size penis, both in terms of girth and length. I never dreamed that I could enjoy a mammoth cock of this size. But I was enjoying his thrusts. I do not know how many times I came that evening. I know at least four. It was nearly 10 pm before we stopped fucking. We had left the hospital just before 4 pm and we had left the louge before 7 pm. We had showered for less than 15 minutes, and therefore had fucked for at least 2 and a half hours. Tim finally came in an explosive orgasm, rocketing seminal fluid into my aching pussy. I was nearly num. I wanted to sleep. But reality waited for me. I had to get home and we both knew it. Long ago hubbie had learned that if I did not call him before 4 pm, the night would be too busy for him to call me. Nevertheless, I did need to go home. We got dressed again, this time in the scrubs that had somehow mysteriously appeared.

We drove back the to the hospital parking lot in silence. My mind raced 100 miles per hour. I loved my husband. We had talked about me fucking somebody else while he jacked off. But I had told him I never could. I meant it. I had promised myself that I would never be with anybody except my husband. He about ten years older than I am. It was nice at the beginning, but now he was slowing down sexually. The sex is still good, but the days of fucking for an hour have long gone. It takes longer for him to get it up, it goes soft quicker, but as a nurse, I understand that this is a normal part of aging for many men. I had not gone out looking for a fuck. But I had been fucked; fast, hard and repeatedly. The fucking was wonderful. I loved the fuck. I liked Jim, but I loved my husband.

The next night the census was up again and all four of us were working. Gale smiled as she asked me if I had enjoyed my night off. I knew she knew. She knew that I knew she knew. It has been over a month since I got my first fucking. Now we take turns covering for each other. There is nearly always an extra empty room. We have all gotten quite a bit closer over the past month. Gale started it all by walking in on us while we were fucking. Then I had to return the favor. A couple of times we have shared a dick for a blow job. Twice we got a hotel after work and fucked in the same room.

My husband has commented on how much happier I seem and how much younger I look. He has also commented on how busy we have been at work lately. I don’t like keeping the secret from him and someday, maybe soon I will ask him to go out with me and let him think that we “accidentally” ran into Jim from work. I figure I will let hubbie watch Jim dance with me, and let him think that I have finally given in to picking up somebody. Someday I will let hubbie watch me fuck my young pal, but for now I feel 21 again and I like the excitement of being with Jim at work and after work. Someday, when Jim is long gone, I will tell my husband about the Peachtree and the first shower together. But for now I will settle for telling you readers.


cuckold wife

Poster: Nurse Ann