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Frat guys and virgin girlfriend
I met the girl who would become my wife, Katy, in the dining commons at a state university during our freshman year. We would often sit at the same table and talk about our courses and our families, and we found that we were a lot alike. I wanted to ask her out but I was extremely shy and always figured that I would ask her next week. One day when I finally got up my nerve and asked her to go to the movies with me on Friday night, she told me that another guy had already asked her. I told her to have a good time. I couldn't help but think about this other guy kissing her and Katy kissing him back as I had often thought about kissing her on our first date. I walked her back to the dorm and said goodbye and went upstairs to my room. I sat in my room trying to read and kept thinking about Katy kissing another guy. Then I starting to think that he might fuck Katy because I also had been thinking about me fucking her and I got a very large somewhat painful erection so I went into the bathroom shower and beat off just like I did when I thought about fucking Katy. Every time that I saw Katy, I got an erection thinking what it would be like fucking her for the first time. However now it seemed that I was always thinking about this other guy fucking her not me. I thought that I should be disappointed that I wouldn't be fucking her but I got very excited every time that I thought about Katy being fucked by another guy.
I saw Katy at brunch on Saturday and she seemed somewhat distant. When I asked her what movie she saw she told me that they hadn't gone to a movie but had gone over to his frat where there was a party going on. Katy told me that they had a keg there and the guy kept getting beers for her and she had gotten really drunk. Katy told me that he kept kissing her and she felt funny about kissing him with all of his frat friends in the same room some with their girlfriends and some alone. When he said that they could go to his room, she agreed since she didn't want to keep kissing him in front of the others. When they went into his room, Katy noticed that there was another couple on one bed and he sat on the other bed and she sat down beside him. After they kissed for a while, Katy looked at the other bed and the couple was naked and Katy watched as the guy got between the girl's legs and she grabbed his dick and guided him into her. Katy was mesmerized watching them fuck. Katy said that she didn't know what had come over her but she stood up and took off her clothes and laid back onto the bed and asked her date if he would fuck her. Of course he said yes and he took off his clothes and got on top of Katy. Katy took hold of his dick and lined it up with her virgin cunt and he pushed himself into her. He turned and looked at his roommate and said that she was a virgin. Then he pushed his dick into Katy again and went in all the way this time. Katy said that he fucked her for several minutes and she felt herself coming and then he moaned that he was coming and he came inside her. Katy told me that she felt bad about fucking this guy since she had been thinking about me fucking her and taking her virginity and had only agreed to go out with him to make me jealous and maybe then I would ask her out since I hadn't yet.
Katy looked at me and said I think that I should have kept that a secret. Then she stood up and started to walk away. Then she turned and asked if I was getting up. I got up with my tray in front of me hiding the fact that I had gotten an erection listening to Katy tell me about losing her virginity to the frat guy the night before and how she had thought that I was going to be the guy that took her virginity. After I put my tray on the belt, I walked beside her trying to keep turned a little away from her so that she didn't see my erection. When we got to her room, she noticed my erection and then went into her room and shut her door. I went up the stairs to my room and undressed and got a towel and went into the shower and beat off thinking about how great the guy must have felt fucking Katy knowing that he was taking her virginity and I imagined that I was coming in her virgin cunt.
I didn't see Katy for a few days and then on Wednesday she was sitting at lunch and I went over to her and sat down. As soon as I sat down, I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies with me on Friday. She told me that she would but it would have to be the early show because she was meeting her guy at the frat at 9. I said that we could go right after dinner and see the 6 pm show. While we watched the movie, I couldn't pay much attention to it because all I could think about was that I was on a date with the girl that I really liked and that after the movie I was going to take her over to his frat where most likely he was going to fuck her again. When we got to the frat, she knocked on the door and her guy opened it. He thanked me for walking Katy over and then he asked if I wanted to come in. For a moment I thought that maybe if I was there I could keep him from fucking Katy again but he took her to his room immediately. After about an hour, they came back and Katy came and sat on the couch near me while he talked with some of his friends. Then he came over and took Katy's hand and turned toward his room. But he stopped and asked me if I wanted to watch him fuck Katy. I got up and followed them to his room where he told me that I could watch but I would have to sit in the chair and not touch her at all. He told Katy to undress and he undressed and they got on the bed. Then he got between her legs and she reached out and took hold of his dick and lined it up with her hole. I watched as he fucked her for about ten minutes while she had an orgasm and then while he came inside her I came in my pants without even touching my dick.
After a while, he told me that he had a deal to make with me. I thought that he was going to let me fuck Katy. But he told me that he would let me fuck Katy but only after she had fucked all of his frat brothers that wanted to fuck her. While I was thinking about the six to ten guys that had been downstairs when we came to his room, he told me that if I wanted to fuck her I would have to agree because otherwise he would continue to fuck her and eventually she would fuck all of them and I wouldn't get to fuck her. He told me to talk it over with Katy while he got a beer but to keep my clothes on. I sat down beside Katy and she started to cry. I told her that she shouldn't cry but she said that she should have known that all he wanted was to take her virginity and make a notch on the headboard with the other notches and that all she was to him was another notch on his bedpost. She also told me that she had heard that to be a frat officer, each guy had to bring a girl into the frat that would fuck all of the guys that wanted to fuck her. Katy told me that she didn't want to fuck all of them but she was willing to have all of the frat guys fuck her now since they would eventually and she wanted to fuck me. Her guy walked back in with four of his friends and he asked me what I wanted them to do. He said that I had to be the one that made the decision because she was my girlfriend. I looked at Katy and she mouthed "yes, I want to be your girlfriend if you still want me". I asked him if he and his friends would be done with her and not bother her anymore after they all had fucked her. He told me that she wouldn't have to fuck them ever again unless she wanted them to. I couldn't see any reason why Katy would want them to fuck her again. I told him that I wanted all of them to fuck her to get it over with so that she could be my girlfriend and only fuck me.
They tied me to the chair and then I watched as each of the four guys got between Katy's legs and she guided each of them into her and they each fucked her until they came inside her. Katy looked like she was trying to not enjoy the fucking that she was getting. While the first of the four guys was fucking her, the second put his dick into her mouth and was fucking her mouth. As she was guiding the second of the four inside her I told her to let go and enjoy being fucked and she had an orgasm with each of them after that as she had one dick fucking her mouth and one fucking her cunt. After the fourth one got up and left the room I thought that it was over until four more guys came into the room. Then all four of these guys also fucked Katy first in her mouth and then in her cunt and then they left the room. About 15 minutes went by and I really thought that it must be over and then the door opened again. It kept up four more times until a total of 24 frat guys had fucked Katy plus the guy who had taken her virginity the week before came in and fucked her mouth until he came and spread his cum all over Katy's face. They untied me and I went over to the bed. I couldn't believe how sexy Katy looked after being fucked and cum in by more than two dozen frat guys, having her mouth fucked by most of them and having the guy that had taken her virginity the week before coming in her mouth and on her face. I laid down beside her and kissed her and tasted his cum in her mouth and then I licked his cum off of her face. Then I got up and took off my clothes and got on top of her and Katy guided my dick into her sloppy hole. I could barely feel her around my dick but I quickly came inside her while several of the frat guy girlfriends watched. One of them said that we would be left alone until noon when we had an appointment.
It didn't register what she had said, but at noon we were woken up and a guy came in that had tattoos all over his arms. He told me to sit in the chair and he got out his stuff and then he marked a line around Katy's waist and then measured off 1 inch increments on the line. Then he told me to sit beside her and I watched without saying a word as he tattooed 25 stars around her waist and then added the initials of each of the guys that had fucked her inside the stars. He told me that it was the first time that the girl's boyfriend was there while he tattooed her. He asked Katy if she wanted any other tattoos since the frat was paying him and she told him that she wanted another star lower down just above her cunt but to make it bigger, about four times the size of the other stars. After he had added the larger star she told him to fill it in except for a box in the middle and put my in the box. He told us that we needed to go downstairs and show off Katy's tattoos to all of the frat members so that he would get paid. He took her hand and she took mine and we went downstairs into the livingroom and Katy stood there and turned around so that all of the guys and the girlfriends could see her tattoos. Several of the girlfriends looked at the biggest star and asked who that was. Katy told them that the biggest star was for me, her boyfriend.
The first frat guy that had taken Katy's virginity told me that I would enjoy Katy much more now that she had been fucked up by all of them because a well fucked girlfriend was the best. He also told me that I should bring her back anytime that I wanted to watch her being fucked since all of them would fuck her again, all I had to do was ask. I didn't think that I would ever want to watch other guys fuck Katy again but it didn't take long for me to change my mind.


cuckold wife

Poster: Bill