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First cuckold experience
We had been married just over five years, and living in North London, when Penelope (Penny) decided she needed to be more computer literate if she was to have more scope in the job market. So she enrolled on a year's course at a local college. At the end of the course the students organised a party. I was invited along with Penny, but I was due to be working in Europe at the time so it looked like i would not make it. As it turned out I was able to finish my work in Hamburg and get an earlier flight back. I was not able to contact my wife, so when I got back to our flat she had already left for the party.

I knew where the party was, so after taking a shower, and grabbing a bite to eat, I strolled the mile or so to there. It was in one of those large Edwardian houses with extensive grounds that are dotted about North London. Most are now converted into flats, but this one was still a single dwelling, and was the home of the parents of one of Penny's fellow students. They were on holiday, and had been brave, or stupid, enough to let their son have the party there!

When I went in I was confronted by a large square basket and a notice saying "CHOOSE YOUR FACE". The basket was full of various masks of famous people. As I was rummaging through Hitler and Audrey Hepburn appeared, waved a welcome, and returned to the party. I went for Jack Nicholson, and joined the throng of 'celebrities'.

The party occupied most of the rooms on the ground floor, and was in full swing. I got myself a drink (The masks allowed you to drink easily enough) and looked around for my wife. She was nowhere to be seen. Now although she would be wearing a mask like everyone else, Penny would have been easy to recognise. She is one of those women who is slim and petite, but with big tits! It is not a combination that the classicist might go for, but many men find it more than appealing. After looking through all the rooms I returned, a little puzzled, to refresh my drink. As I was stood there a young lad with Tom Cruise's face came up and began collecting a few bottles up. Another joined him, Elvis in fact, and asked, "Think yer got enough there Jim?"
The other turned, "Hi Dave! ... Err ... We've got Plenty upstairs fer a gang shag!"
"Yer know! ... Plenty Penny." and he made gestures with his hands indicating large breasts.
"Right! ... Often wondered if those fuckers were real!"
"They're fuckin' real a'right!... Like bloody melons!"
"An' you've got 'er knickers off?"
"Too fuckin' right! ... Good load of wine ... an' a few puffs ... Took about ten minutes ...
She moaned a bit at first ... but not so's you'd notice ... then moaned a lot more when she
got a cock up 'er!... Eddie went first ... Then Ken ... Then Lennie was shafting 'er when I
came down 'ere! ... You fancy a go?"
"Too fuckin' right! ... let's go!"

He also gathered some bottles and they headed off. I followed, in a sort of trance, and saw where they went. It was a room on the second floor. I returned to the drinks table, fixed a very strong drink, and went back upstairs. I was telling myself that it must be a different Penny, also with tits like melons! I went into a room and immediately saw about a dozen male backs grouped around a bed. I moved over and looked across some shoulders. A woman, naked but for her Olivia Newton John mask was lying on her back, each leg being held up and apart by a young lad, while another lad stood between them, grunting and thrusting! It was not a different Penny! The birthmark near the top of her right thigh, and the small, crescent-shaped scar near the right ankle, told me that it was my wife who was being fucked by this youngster in a Ronald Reagan mask!

I have read quite a number of your stories and it seems that most husbands had long had a fantasy about watching their wife being fucked by other men. I can honestly say that I do not remember even thinking about it before that incredible evening! My brain was in a real whirl! I just could not grasp the idea! I also could not drag my eyes away from Penny's slit, with that stiff young cock pumping in and out! And when he grunted, pushing his cock in to the hilt, before pulling out to let the last of his spunk drip onto my wife's neat triangular bush, I found that I had the most thumping erection I can remember!

It was also clear to me that Penny was enjoying this too! Her expression was not visible, but the sharp squeals and gasps told me about her arousal. And while the next lad, who had a rather thick, heavy cock, pounded into her, she had the first of the three orgasms I witnessed that night!

I watched then take their turns in my wife. Panting, grunting, thrusting their way to a climax, and filling her with their warm, sticky seed! After about the tenth had done this I decided I was going to have my turn! The thought almost took my breath away! I was thankful for the mask! As I slipped into her I wondered if she might recognise the feel of my cock! But she had so much spunk inside her by then, along with her own juices, that it would have been impossible! Feeling all that spunk around my cock as I shafted away just made it so incredibly exciting that my climax was the most intense I have known! It seemed to drain every bit of energy from me, and I only just made it to slump into a chair!

I recovered there, listening to their grunting, penny's squeals and gasps, and the squishing and squelching of their cocks in that spunk-filled hole! Then I left. At home I showered, and went to bed. I tried to get the whole thing into proportion. I was rather disgusted with myself for enjoying it so much. I thought I must be some incredibly perverted rarity. Since then I have found that I am far from being alone in this particular 'kink'.

Even then, when Penny returned, much later, I decided I would love to repeat the experience! A few days later I steeled myself to tell her what had happened, and that I had been there, and that mine was one of the many loads of spunk to have filled her that night! She sat quietly and it was me who broke the silence again by telling her it was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced! She thought a while then said, "Maybe we should do it again!"

Well we have done! Pretty often over the intervening 20 years! But that is the story of that first never-to-be-forgotten night.


cuckold wife

Poster: Charles Burton