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Pregnant !!! an accident on purpose?
My wife and I are married for 5 yrs or so and have a great relationship. We used to have a great sex life but things had cooled down and we were lucky to have sex once a week. I had tried to talk about it and experiment but she was always to shy or embarrased, so things were fairly dull. She is a white South African lady and quite a prude also, we had discussed the idea of kids and she had always dismissed it as she has her own career as a ballet teacher. She was so adament about this that she had a termination of a pregnancy that we had in the first year of marriage.

The excitment began with a surprise birthday weekend away. We had booked a lovely hotel and planned a nice weekend of theatre and fine didn't quite go as planned.

We arrived at the hotel and got washed up and changed to go out to diner, I asked her to wear a particular short RA-RA black skirt and pantyhose that she knew I liked,and off we went.I would not be getting any without a condom this weekend as she was ten days into her cycle.

During the meal we decided to throw caution to the wind and we both had cocktails(neither of us usually drink).
These led to a few more cocktails and a sense of fun and freedom we hadn't had since our first dates.

We decided to forget the theatre and went straight to a night club round the corner. As the night wore on she wanted to go out on the dance floor and because I hate dancing I feigned going for another drink and told her to enjoy herself. Through the crowd I saw her dancing and being danced with by the usual cluster of horny big deal, I thought as I am not the jealous type.

Then HE came along, a tall, well built Black guy, dancing up to her. She went into an erotic mode unlike anthing I had ever seen, she was licking her finger and bending flexing that supple body of hers whilst rubbing up and down his front. on seeing me she stopped,and looking guilty returned to our table. I said not to apologize and we laughed at how she couldn't have done that when growing up in South Africa and she admitted I was a real thrill.

We kept on drinking and she continued dancing 'til about 3am (6 hours drinking at this point)and as she was really getting way too drunk and begining to fall over, I decided to head for the hotel. I carried her out supported on my shoulder and hailed a taxi. I poured her into the front seat and got myself into the back,she seemed to go to sleep almost instantly.

I driver was a friendly, large almost overweight but still well muscled Black man, who I discovered from conversaton was also South African. I noticed that as we talked he would glance down at my wifes crotch, I let my own drunken horniness get the better of me and told him not be embarrassed as she was passed out. He leered for a while and I couldn't help but lean forward and hitch her skirt up a bit more...I was chuckling like a schoolkid but he really stared. I told him to touch her if he wanted and he slowly reached over any placed a finger up her skirt, her only reaction was a sharp intake of breath. All too soon we arrived at the hotel.

I couldn't wake my wife properly and being drunk myself asked the driver to help me get her out of the car. I laughed as he grabbed her ass to haul her out of the seat and we carried her (half concious) between us up to the room. On getting her onto the bed she lay there spread eagle, he Leered again, up her long legs.

Then it began, without a word from me he slid his hand up her thigh and gave me a look, a look that only a dominant wolf would give to his subordinates, one of taking, not asking. Leaving his hand on her pubic bone he brushed his cheek along hers and kissed her, she responded and kissed him back. He kissed down her neck all the time working his hand around her still covered pussy. After a few minutes of hot foreplay he drew back a pulled of his shirt,as he did so I kissed her and with a groan of approval from her pulled off her pantyhose. He now positioned himself ontop of her and vigorously torn of her bra and top, he sucked and kissed her breasts like a beast. She would buck and moan as he did so and then with a loud grunt he pulled back from her, now kneeling over her closed legs and grabbed her calves, pulling them up in front of his face. He tore her panties down her legs and flicked her legs apart.

I was left standing with a huge erection watching a massive black guy about to fuck my wife, It was stunning. I handed him a condom which he put on and then I watched as he sank his huge cock into her, she flinched at first, then as he pounded more into her she began to wail and groan and wail some haven't lived 'til you have seen your wife creaming herself like that. And he kept going, after 5 minutes he was still only building up speed....thrust after thrust, so hard my wife would grunt with him.

Then I did it, I bent over them and said to him,"take it off"...he shoed me away at first and grunted another thust into my wife, I said it again...this time she heard, "no" she groaned "I'm ovulating" in a dream like wisper.

On hearing this he pulled back off her again and pulled a wet sloppy condom off his rock hard cock. My wife instinctively moved her hand to cover her now gaping slit. He looked at me for the second time and boomed "what the fuck do you want, eh?" I grabbed a pillow from the top of the bed and crammed it under her hips,(lifting her cervix to a better position for recieving his sperm) he grinned and began to push the head of his penis against my wifes covered cunt. As he leaned over her once again a stream of his precum oozed from his tip and onto her mound. He pushed against her again as I wispered to her "is this what you want". She paused then without a word moved her hand and clutched his firm buttocks.

As he slid in this time they both became less frantic and started to move as one entity, the sounds of their sex became smooth moans and the slap of his massive scrotum on her ass. This was mating and babymaking not just sex. They picked up in pace again as he passionately kissed her then said "I've always wanted to breed a white rich bitch like you" with that she began to cum,and hard. She began wailing then wrapped her legs around him and drew him in. I could see her pussy and belly tensing with the strength of her uterine contractions. The tightning of her pussy was the final straw and he began to thrust harder, once then twice then....roar...with a yell he drove every inch of himself into her, I could see his urethra swell then...PUMP,PUMP,PUMP his balls would lift with each huge ejaculation, I was actually seeing the sperm that would impregnate my wife streaming from this bull into her womb...and he didn't pull back...they clung to each other as their bodies synchronised...he would shoot as her womb would contract to draw his seed into her. He stayed on her for a full 15minutes until she fell asleep in his arms. Then slowly he withdrew,holding her calves up as he did so,he asked for another pillow which I placed under her hips to make them even higher. His cock slid from her fucked hole and after throwing his clothes on he kissed my wifes forehead and he was gone...

I was left stunned, I stared at her pussy for a while then couldn't resist pushing my fingers in to her open and visible cervix, a huge pool of his semen collected there and I gently stirred in to the hole in the center of her cervix and pushed it through, I wanted her pregnant with this strangers baby.

She had never looked so beautiful, and I jacked off over her and curled up next to her to go to sleep.

The next morning we both felt horrible,hungover and she was really sore, she asked me to explain what had happened and having kept his sperm in her all night by lifting her hips she finaly sat up at 10 o'clock that morning...she cried "OH GOD" as a wave of thin watery semen flowed from her cunt. She sat curled up in a corner of the bathroom for ages as we talked about what to do....

At 39years old she said she wouldn't terminate the pregnancy if there was one as she couldn't go though that again. And as she is medication the morning after pill doesn't work.....I was so turned on, thinking that another man had served my wife.

We waited 2 weeks and then she took the pregnancy test, sure enough the morning after hadn't worked and she was knocked up.....I nearly came then and there.

She is now eight months along and I am starting to get very nervous of all the questions from family and friends about the dark baby....we haven't come up with a good story yet. !!!!!

PS> I have some nice pics of my pregnant black bred wife if your interested.


cuckold wife

Poster: Seamus