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Stag Party
As we sat in a bar one night, a young guy asked her to dance, then joined us for a drink. He was obviously interested in her, but was trying to figure out who I was in the equation. By our standing arrangement, he was not going to find out that she was my wife. Just a friend is what they usually assumed, and that position gave them the freedom to make moves on her while I stood by and watched her handle them.

When the conversation got to the point where she told him that she was a dancer by profession, he really lit up. What kind of dancer was the obvious question and sure enough, he asked. She told him that she danced topless or nude, depending on the location and the circumstances, and that she did club gigs and stag parties, and occasionally private shows if the money was good. He got really excited and acted like an eight year old who had just found the forbidden slingshot that his mother had hidden away. He told her that his buddy was getting married in about a week, and that the gang had been talking about hiring a dancer for the bachelor party on Saturday night. He asked if she would be interested, and how much she would charge.

She asked him how many people would be there, and if it was a mixed crowd. He replied that he expected at least fifteen guys, and that no, there would be no ladies other then her at the party. She told him that it would cost him a specific amount for three hours, and that she would accept tips if they were offered although they were not necessary. She also told him that she would be paid upon arrival, that she would either do a strip routine or get naked immediately (his call), and that I would be there as her escort to assure that the guys didn’t get more demanding than she was willing to give.

He asked us to wait while he made a couple of phone calls, and when he returned he gave her his address (where the party was to be held) and his phone. He asked that we arrive no later then 7PM on the night of the party, and he said, rather sheepishly, that he wanted her to get naked as soon as she arrived. She agreed and told him that she would mix with the crowd, dance occasionally, and that she was going to harass the groom unmercifully. He laughed, and then danced with her a few more times before we left the bar.

The evening of the party, I was sitting in the living room watching T.V. waiting for her to get done with her hair and makeup. She came out of the bedroom wearing just her high heels but carrying a light dress in her hand. Her hair was perfect, her makeup was immaculate, and she did a little turn around for me as she asked how she looked. I told her she looked good enough to eat, and her perfume made it even better. She chuckled and told me that she hoped everyone else would feel the same way.

She slipped the mini-dress over her shoulders, putting her arms into the sleeves and buttoning it up the front leaving the top and bottom buttons open. I shoved a pistol into a holster inside my belt, pulled a sweater over my head, (and the weapon) and out the door we went.

Before I go further, I want to inject here that we NEVER had any major problems at parties. Usually the crowd policed it’s own people, with the guys killing themselves to be the studly hero’s leaping to her defense. But I never let her do a party alone. Never.

The area where the party was being held was a very nice neighborhood. When we pulled up and parked across the street, we noticed that the cars around us were mostly new, and that there was the usual collection of Bmer’s, Porsche’s, and muscle cars, that you would expect to find at a party of Yuppie college age guys from well to do families. Trashed out vehicles and Biker type motorcycles were always a bad sign when we went to these types of situations, and had caused us to pass on a few in the past

We walked up to the front door. I was carrying her train case with her makeup, hair stuff, and a few “toys” that she might use if the situation was right and the mood struck her. She had left her purse in the car, and had nothing else with her but her high heels and her dress. We rang the door bell and a moment later, as though he had been waiting by the door, our friend opened the door and smiled from ear to ear as he greeted us and invited us in.

She told him that we had to talk before she met the crowd, and he led us into a den to one side of the entry hall. He took money out of a desk drawer, handed it to her and stood patiently as she counted it. When she was sure it was all there, she handed it to me so I could put it in a pocket. She smiled broadly at our host and asked if we could use this room for her base of operations, and did he want her to do the strip routine or just get naked? He blushed and said that she could just……..take her clothes off right from the start.

She grinned at him as she unbuttoned her dress, slid it off her shoulders and tossed it to me. Then she stepped up to him and put her arms around him, kissing him long and hard. When she was finished, he was blushing like a tomato. She told him that before she left, she had a special treat for him, sort of like a hostess gift at a Tupperware party, only much better.

I asked if I could get into the kitchen before she went out, so that I could get a drink and mix into the crowd without being immediately visible as her security. He told me to go across the hall and through the door, which would put me in the kitchen. He added that there was another door that led out into the large dining and living room area. I gave him her dance music tape, and as I was going out the door, she told him to take her to the party.

I crossed the hall and entered the kitchen with was huge, with a center island for cooking. I went to the ice box and found myself a can of pop, then headed for the double door at the other end. Just as I started to push the door open and step out, I heard loud shouts and whistles and some applause from what seemed to be a very large crowd of guys.

I went through the door and saw at least two dozen young men making lots of loud, appreciative sounds as they gaped at my naked wife standing in the middle of them. She had her hands up in the air, a monster grin on her face, and she was turning slowly as they watched, letting them get a good look at her nude body.

I sat down on the arm of a couch and when the guy on the couch at my end glanced up at me, I stared at her and said “Holy Shit!” “No Joke”, he replied, turning his attention back to my wife, who was just beginning to dance to a song from her tape.

She is an “oldies” freak, and the song she used first was called “Heart of Glass”. She was able to do a lot of turns and move around the crowd, coming within a few feet of nearly everyone who was there. This gave each guy a closeup shot of her naked body, and gave her a chance to see what part they focused on the most. Albeit she was nude, this was a very conservative number that allowed she and the crowd to get used to each other. While she was dancing, I was looking the crowd over to see if there were any signs of major assholes that may have to be dealt with. Fortunately, this group seemed pretty mellow and far more interested in their naked entertainment then in being macho buttheads.

When her tune finished, she asked no one in particular if there was such a thing as a Vodka & tonic with a lime twist in the house. At least three guys busted each others butts, trying to get into the kitchen to make her drink. She stood in the middle of the floor, moving around as though excited and having a great time, as she fielded cute commentary and threw it back to let the guys know she wasn’t shy.

A guy came out of the kitchen with her drink, which she took with her left hand, putting her right arm around his neck and giving him a large, very wet kiss on the mouth, as thanks for his efforts. He obviously liked that and stood there beside her until she moved to the other end of the room to chat with someone else. A few minutes after that, she moved to the middle of the floor and whistled to get everyone’s attention. (as if that was necessary)

She grinned from ear to ear as she slowly turned completely around, hands on hips, looking at everyone in the room. Then she started her announcement.

“My name is Ilene, and I am the entertainment for the evening. YOUR entertainment.” She reached up and cupped her breasts, squeezing them together. “These, in case you didn’t know it, are tits. They do not mind being touched, but they DO mind being abused.” Then she slid her hands down over her stomach to her crotch. “This is a pussy. Like it’s namesake, it loves to be stroked and petted, but it does NOT like pain or abuse.” She put one foot up on the arm of a chair and moved her knee outward which focused everyone on her snatch. “You’ve paid for me to be here, and you’ve paid me to be here naked, so…….while tips are not mandatory….., (she reached down and held her pussy open) they ARE appreciated, if you get my meaning.”

She put her foot down, nodded to the guy at the stereo to start another song, and hollered loudly, “WHO WANTS TO SEE ME DANCE AGAIN?” The crowd shouted and whistled and generally made obnoxious noises, so she stepped to the middle of the floor and began to dance. This time, the song was called “Love Me Two Times” by the Doors. A very heavy bass line which let her do seductive, really fantastic things with her hips and ass.

As she danced around the crowd, I saw a couple of guys take money out of their pocket. The first one handed her a bill as she danced up to him. He was standing, so she said thank you with a big smile, put a hand on his neck, pulling his face down so she could kiss him. Then she pulled him a little further, and let him kiss her nipple before releasing him to stand upright again.

When she approached the second guy with money, who was sitting on a straight back chair, she danced around the chair, then standing in front of him, she put one high heel on his leg and did the wide knee routine again. His gaze was riveted to her crotch and he was grinning like he had just discovered candy for the first time. When he didn’t move, she laughed and asked if that was for her, meaning the bill. He regained conciousness and said that it was, so she told him to go ahead and give it to her as she squeezed her tits together for him. Hesitantly, he raised his hand and stroked her pussy from the bottom to the top which caused her to close her eyes and tip her head back. She told him to go ahead and put it in, so while the crowd watched, he slid his finger through the crack of her pussy, leaving the bill trapped in the wet lips of her snatch. She smiled at him with half open eyes, put her foot down and danced on with the bill sticking out of her pussy for everyone to see. Over the rest of the song, she had her pussy stroked and fingered to the tune of nearly thirty dollars.

When the song was over, she excused herself and went into the den. I knew that she was putting her money in the train case with the combination lock on it, and getting everything “touched up” (no pun, honest) for the next part of her evening. I went into the kitchen to get another soda, and overheard one of the guys telling two others that he was going to fuck her before the night was over, even if he had to pay for it. When they saw me listening and grinning at his remarks, they all laughed and headed back to the living room area.

I went back out and stood at the back of the crowd as she came strutting out of the hallway again. As she walked in I could smell her perfume which I was pretty sure was fresh after the workout she had just finished. She walked out into the living room, looked around for a second or two, then said with a very evil grin, “Okay, guys, which one is the groom?”

The crowd parted like the Red Sea, and everyone pointed at a young man in a tank top and baggy shorts, standing near me, holding a beer can in his hand. She strolled over to him, kissed his cheek, and led him, arm in arm, to the middle of the floor. She signaled to start the music again, took the can out of his hand and held it out for someone to take as she grinned up at him.

He was blushing like crazy, but as she put her arms around his neck and shoved her body against him, he put his hands on her bare hips and began to dance with her to a slow, sensual song from the stereo. She continued to grin up at him, then nuzzled into his neck and kissed him under his ear. He obviously enjoyed that, and as they danced, she continued to kiss him until she worked her way up and finally drove her tongue into his mouth.

She moved her feet further apart and began to bump and grind her pussy against him, making it look to the rest of us as though she was fucking him standing right where they stood. He moved his hands down to her ass and began to knead her cheeks as he pulled her against him harder and harder with each thrust of her hips.

She held onto his neck as she dropped one hand between them, reaching for his cock. She continued to kiss him hard and it soon became obvious that she had opened his shorts and was stroking his cock as they moved against each other. She whispered something in his ear, then said that she wanted a chair for him to sit on. Someone pushed the straightback out onto the floor, and she backed him up against it as she unfastened his shorts, pushing them down to his ankles. She pushed him down onto the chair and there he sat, naked from the waist down, with a raging hardon.

She knelt beside the chair and as we all watched, she stroked his cock as she stared at it like it was a candy bar. She leaned over and slowly, VERY slowly, drew her tongue from the base to the head, all the while stroking it lightly with her fingers. He was moving against her mouth as she sucked on him and jerked him off, and then she stopped.

She stood up, swung a leg over the chair so that she was straddling his lap, and his very stiff cock, then looked around the room and said loudly, “Well? Should I FUCK HIM!?” As the guys went wild, shouting and raising the roof, she got that devilish grin again and began to squat, very very slowly, over his cock. When the head touched her pussy, she gasped loudly, then lowered herself a bit more so that the head was just inside of her snatch. She looked at the crowd again, and said “NOW?” And to a man they shouted, “NOW!”

A second later, she relaxed her legs and slid his cock up into her pussy as far as it would go. Both of them gasped this time, and then she began to ride up and down, up and down on his cock. From where I stood, I could see his cock going into her, then coming out soaking wet, then going in again, faster, and faster and faster. She was now oblivious to the crowd and was concentrating on fucking him and getting her tits in his mouth and hands. The crowd was almost silent, so intent on the show she and the groom were giving them that they weren’t talking, just watching.

After about ten minutes of this, the groom grabbed her ass and dug his fingers in as he went rigid beneath her. She made a gasping scream then grabbed him and pulled his face into her tits, her hips jerking with her orgasm as we all watched.

After a few seconds, they both relaxed. Someone said Holy Shit again, and the crowd began to hoot, whistle and applaud. Our host walked over and handed her a towel as she sat astride the groom’s cock, getting herself back together. She put her arms around the grooms neck, said something to him and kissed him affectionately on the mouth. Then, very slowly, she raised herself up and off of his cock, putting the towel between her legs. She wiped herself, then wrapped the towel around his cock and dried him as well. He had recovered sufficiently to reach down and pull his shorts up, blushing and grinning, but not looking at the crowd. While the guys were teasing and talking to him, she left the room again. I just sat there and watched and listened to the chatter.

About five minutes later, she came back into the room, being greeted by various guys who told her that she was really an awesome lady. The guy I had heard bragging earlier in the kitchen, walked over to her and introduced himself, stating that he was the groom’s best man. She took a sip of her drink and then slyly asked him if he could prove that. At first he didn’t get her drift. The other guys began to chuckle as she walked over to the straight back chair, bending over and pointing her ass at him as she leaned on the seat with her legs locked tight. She looked over her shoulder with a grin, pointed down at her pussy which was wide open, very red, and very wet, and said that it was “show and tell” time.

When it finally sank in, he put his drink on a table, walked up behind her as he took his cock out of his slacks, and with very little ceremony or foreplay, slid it into her already very well lubricated pussy. He grabbed her hips as she grasped the chair seat and braced herself. He began to slide in and out of her, then began to HAMMER her ass as he drove into her as deeply as possible. When it was obvious that his cock was very wet, he pulled it out suddenly and pushed it against her asshole. With a soft moan, she stood still, then began to push back against him slowly. Suddenly, she was able to relax her muscles and he slid his cock into her asshole to the hilt. He was gentle as he slid in and out of her, and after a few minutes of this, she glanced around the guys in front of her, then motioned to one of them to come to her.

He got up and walked over to stand beside her. She fondled his cock, then unzipped his pants and stroked it, then told the guy to sit down on the chair. She stepped backwards with the Best Man’s cock still in her ass, and he held onto her tits to support her. When the new guy was sitting on the chair with his cock sticking up, she eased herself forward and began to lower her pussy over his cock. In a moment his dick was stuffed up her snatch, while the other guy was still stroking in and out of her ass. The new guy was sucking on her tits, which were being held for him by the Best Man. She was fucking two guys at the same time, and the party guys were definitely getting the show they had paid for.

It didn’t take long for the guys to fill her up with cum, and when they were finished she had them slide out of her so she could stand up and use her towel on them, then on herself. She sat down on the chair, composing herself and patting her hair back into some semblance of order, then asked if everyone was having as good a time as she was. The answer was obviously yes, and she laughed loudly, making it obvious that she was very happy.

Over then next hour or so, which was the last hour of her performance, she managed to give two guys head, fuck on the chair and one on the couch. She also jerked one guy off in the kitchen, as she knelt in front of him and let him cum on her tits. He said that was a massive turn on.

Most everyone either groped her tits or fingered her pussy, and just before we left, she took the host into the den and let him fuck her from behind. His hostess gift, so to speak. When she came out of the den with her dress in one hand, and her train case in the other, it was pretty obvious she was leaving. Guys came up and hugged her, groped her tits gently, and rubbed her ass as they said goodbye. That’s when she finally looked at me, and said loudly, “You didn’t get any, did you?” I grinned and made a fake pouty face as I shook my head no. She laughed and said for everyone to hear, “YOU are going home with me and I am going to fuck your brains out.”

With that we left and went home. No she did NOT get dressed to go to our car, nor for the ride through McDonalds, nor for the ride home, NOR for the walk into our apartment building. And just so you know……..yes she did!


cuckold wife

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