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My wife Eileen and I were out of town on vacation and had been out drinking pretty heavy. When we returned to our hotel room, I went to our bathroom and looked under the vanity for towels and found the faucet was leaking and the towels were all wet. My wife had already undressed and crawled into bed. I told her it was leaking and she didn’t answer me. I figured she was passed out for the night. I called the front desk and told them the about the leak and asked if they could send some towels up to our room. The desk clerk said they would send the maintenance man to repair the leak and to bring some towels. I heard a knock on the door in about five minutes and opened it to find the maintenance man. I thought that was excellent room service.
He was a tall black man about 6’ 3” and 250 lbs. I would say. He looked very muscular and kind of a rough looking character. Someone I would not want to tangle with. He said; evening sir, I came to fix the leak and here are your towels. He came in and knew where the bathroom was and went right to it. When he passed the bed he glanced at my wife laying there passed out. I said; she had a little too much to drink and so have I. I followed him into the bathroom and asked how long it would be. He set his tool box down and looked under the sink and said probably about an hour I guess. I said I’m going down to the lobby for some coffee and check my e-mail. I’ll be back in about an hour. If you finish sooner let me know, I’ll be on the computer in the lobby. When I walked passed the bed I said to my wife I’ll be back in a little while. She moaned a little and kicked the covers off. She was totally naked so I pulled the covers over her again. As I closed the door she started to moan again. I left the door open slightly and went to the lobby, got a cup of coffee and sat down at the computer. I tried to log on and the clerk said they’ve been down all evening. You can try to access the internet in the morning. We’ve had a lot of trouble with it lately. It’s a new internet service provider. I said okay, thanks and started to walk back to the room. When I approached the door I could hear my wife moaning. I peeked through the opening and she had kicked the covers off and the maintenance man just came out of the bathroom. He stood there for a moment, stared at her and smiled. Then he reached his hand between her legs and started to rub her furry little pussy. She pulled the covers over her again covering most of her body and head. He stepped back for a moment. Then he bent forward and lifted the covers off her body so they were still covering her head. I just stood outside the door and watched while he pulled her legs over the edge of the bed and spread them apart. He dropped to his knees and started to play with her pussy again, fingering it and rubbing. She lay there motionless while he explored her body with his hands. She probably thought it was me if she was aware of it happening. I heard someone approaching in the hall and pretended to be reading a pamphlet I picked up in the lobby and nodded at them as hey walked by. As soon as they were out of sight I looked back in to watch some more. He had removed his clothes and lifted her legs over his shoulders. He was licking her pussy and I was enjoying the show. She had her hand on his head pulling it into her crotch. I could hear him sucking and licking, like a kid eating ice cream. I quietly opened the door and snuck into the kitchenette where he did not see me. He was not aware that I was standing there watching him. My wife’s hand went limp and dropped to her side as he licked away. He stopped licking her pussy and stood up, standing before her with the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. It was black as coal and must have been a foot long and as big around as a soda bottle. The head looked like a big helmet on the end of his dick. He climbed up over her on his knees, straddling her body. He lifted the coverer carefully off her face to expose only her mouth and with pre-cum dripping off his dick he started to rub it on her lips. I could see the pre-cum glistening on her face as he rubbed it on her. He started to jack off, stroking it faster and faster until he shot a load of cum on her. He lifted the covers off her face just as he started to cum, squirting it all over her face and hair. He must have squirted a pint of cum literally covering her face then he lowered the covers carefully back over her eyes. He climbed off the bed and stood there. I sneezed and he turned around with a startled look on his face. He said I, I, I, I’m sorry sir, She was laying there naked and I could not help myself. I motioned for him to be quiet and he just looked at me funny as his dick drooped slowly. He whispered please don’t report me, I’ll lose my job. My wife left me and I have kids at home. I just smiled and said in a low voice, you better finish the job you started. I hope you don’t mind me watching as I looked back over at my wife then back at him. He looked puzzled at first then a smile came across his face. I said, I remember her asking you to come to our room for a drink when she saw you in the lobby and that’s my story. She won’t remember because she was too drunk. He said yes sir, are you sure you want me to do it. I said, yes, my name is John, just get in bed with her and do what you wish. He smiled as he looked at her naked body and his dick rose again. He lifted her legs back onto the bed and spread them apart and looked at me and said, oh, my name is Jerome. Then Climbed between them he started to rub his dick on her pussy. After a few moments he started to force it in slowly. He was stretching her pussy as if it were wrapped tightly around his dick and she woke up yelling, stop, it hurts. He put his hand over her mouth as she tried to push him off and kept inching it in until it was about half way then started to pump his hips. He was pumping like a machine, faster and faster. Soon she quit pushing at his chest and wrapped her arms and legs around him. I had the camera out now and was taking pictures to show her later after I download them onto my computer hard drive. He started to go deeper each stroke until it was all the way in and his balls were slapping against her ass. His dick was glistening with her pussy juice all over it. She started yelling FUCK ME, FUCK ME as she had the best orgasm she has ever had. She went limp and passed out again. He kept pumping faster and faster until he released a big load of cum in her pussy. He got off her and went to the bathroom to get one of the towels he brought and returned wiping the cum off his big black dick. He said, thank you John, I haven’t had any pussy for quite some time now. It was wonderful, thank you. I asked when his shift was over and he replied; I was supposed to be off when you called the desk. I stayed over to fix your leak and called the babysitter to stay and watch the kids all night. I said, why don’t you go punch out and we can go out for a bite to eat. He said sure, I’ll meet you outside your door. It was about 1am and I was sobered up by now. I freshened up a little and when I walked by the bed I pulled the covers over my wife and waited outside the door for him to return. We went out to a nearby restaurant and ate breakfast. After finishing I asked him if he would like to spend the night in my room. I want my wife to wake up in the morning lying next to you in bed. He said; are you sure you want her to wake up with me there. I said; yes, I want her to know she had sex with a black man and as far as she will know it was her that invited you to our room for a drink. She was so drunk, she won’t remember anything and besides you can fuck her again in the morning. He smiled and said; hell yeah, I’ll be glad fuck her again. Do you think she will suck my dick. I would like that if it’s okay with you. I said; Jerome, I think we are going to be good friends from now on. I love to watch you fucking her and I would love to see her lips wrapped around your big black dick. She loves to suck dick more than fucking. I do want to take some more photos.
When she woke in the morning she started to scream because Jerome lay next to her naked. I was on the sofa and jumped up and said, quiet dear; someone might call the police with all that screaming. I said; you invited him to our room for a drink and almost tore his clothes off. You told me to sit down and shut up so I did. I even took some photos of the two of you fucking. She started to cry and said; I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I said; it didn’t hurt me, at first I was pissed but I enjoyed watching and you seem to enjoy it a lot. She said, so that’s why my pussy is sore. She turned to Jerome and said; I’m sorry and he replied; its okay mam, I liked it to. As he stood up next to the bed her eyes were glued to his dick started to rise only inches from her face. He said; go ahead mam, suck it. She looked at me and said are you sure your okay with it. I said loudly; YES DEAR, go ahead and enjoy while I watch. She looked up at him as he moved it to her lips and she started to lick up and down the shaft and lick his balls. Soon she was taking it in her mouth stretching her lips around the bulbous head and her mouth wide open as she slowly worked it into her mouth, barely able to fit it in. It was not very long when Jerome released a big load of cum in her mouth as she tried to swallow all of it to keep from gagging on it. They fucked in many different positions for a couple hours after that and when they were finished we cleaned up and checked out. I told Jerome we would return to visit again and he could stop to visit us if he was ever in our area. We met some black men in our town after that night, only she stayed sober this time and enjoyed all of it. Occasionally we patronize black night clubs and she wears short skirts with no panties. I ask her not to suck any black dicks tonight and loud enough so the black men can hear me. Then she leaves the table and stands close to the men’s room door. This usually starts a fuck frenzy and she gets forced into the men’s room and doesn’t come out for hours. Her clothes are usually a mess and covered with cum.
But that’s another story.

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Poster: John & Eileen