Wife Sleeps with Husband's Boss

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ABOUT US - There was a true incident some time back, where the parents of a young & lovely housewife were encouraging her to be bred, not by her humble & average husband, but by the young boss of the 50 something father! The arguments for being bred by Stuart were compelling--- there had been the office do, where the father took this married daughter Julie along (as his wife was indisposed), & where this young married woman was introduced to Stuart. Julie then told her dad that his boss was her "ideal man"--- tall, blond n blue eyed, handsome et al. Her father then enjoined by praising his boss--only 28 & in SUCH a senior position, extremely clever, & that he was being fast tracked for future-- definitely "Director material". What all this did was plant the idea into the dad's mind that his daughter would be better of being "sired" by his boss rather than by his son-in-law! He also sold the idea to his wife, Julie's mum. Add to this there was yet again ANOTHER round of redundancies, with, as usual the over 50's being targetted. The dad's job was in jeopardy, & he told his daughter this, reminding his daughter that her younger sister's education plans would be ruined if he lost his job! Also Stuart at the office hinted that the dad's job was on the line, but also that he had a lovely daughter, who he reckoned "fancied him" (obviously Julie, in meeting the dishy Stuart must have made her feelings noticed!).

It was then sort of agreed that if Stuart was allowed to take Julie to bed, her dad's job would be secure for at least another 2 years! The dad then began "selling" the proposition to both Julie & her poor husband. The arguments were compelling. Reluctantly, for there being peace in the household, the husband agreed--- his wife though was MUCH more eager, EVEN wanting, to sleep with her father's blond boss! It was agreed--- when Julie was particularly fertile & ovulating, Stuart arrived home. Mother & father, along with the cuckold-to-be husband were downstairs--- father had very kindly bought his son in law a bottle of his favourite tipple--- a fine malt--- with the 3 of them sat in the lounge, with the lovers upstairs! The next hour or so was wild, with Julie having multiple orgasms on her lover's cock, all SO SO loud. Cuckold hubby downstairs drinking his malt, with his parents in law, smiling approvingly, knowing that they could soon be grandparents to a superior child. When the lovers came downstairs, 'twas only for a drink--- it was soon back to the bedroom--- hubby however overheard his adulterous wife tell her mother, "Stuart has a lovely body, & SUCH a massive cock!". His humiliation was complete, & he sort of drowned his low feelings by more drink. But was it low feelings? Couldn't have been THAT low, for hearing his missus orgasming away had given him an erection, & which was noticed by his parents in law. "Go on", urged his ma in law , "masturbate, we won't mind!" Pulling out his cock, hard but small, he had to endure FURTHER scorn as his mother in law said, "My God, you ARE small, aren't you?", laughing away, bothof them.

I suppose the ultimate in humiliation was a couple of weeks later when it was confirmed that his wife Julie had been impregnated by her blond sexmaster! Boy, were the family happy--- the champagne was flowing, as celebratations were in order.

This was all 2 years ago--- now Julie is the happy mother of a smashing little boy, named appropriately, Stuart--- with her very very pleased parents! How do I know all this?

I was the husband!


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